A Christian World-View

Education is a life-shaping activity, it transfers a way of living. There is an unavoidable interdependence of knowledge and virtue that is evident in how intelligence engages the physical world. At Hillcrest these concepts undergird the foundation for education, the cultivation of the mind being inextricably linked to the cultivation of character.

The fact that we have a general agreement in the world of good character is an argument for good organization. This good organization necessitates a good God, One who not only is the source of good organization, but Who communicates and holds the universe together. At Hillcrest we execute Christian education with the assertion that the universe is held together through logic, fundamentally truth. We hold to the premise that all truth is God’s truth. Truth corresponds with reality, thus Christian education begins with the understanding that God has something to say about everything.

The mission of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is founded on the foundational principle that God created everything. As creator God, His perspective on reality is the true perspective. He reveals himself to us in creation (general revelation), in the Bible (special revelation), and through Jesus Christ (special revelation). Educating young men and women on God’s perspective helps them make sense of their world.

Hillcrest’s mission involves the proclamation of the Gospel and instruction in the Bible, presenting students with an explanation of the world that is distinctively Christian. Because of this, our instruction naturally expressed the interdependence of knowledge (what is taught) and virtue (what action to take). All course instruction thus provides a clear understanding of what is required for human beings to flourish, and provides the nurturing value of a healthy functioning school community. Thus we fulfill our mission in this manner, in a Christ-centered, Bible-based environment. It is our conviction that conducting our school in this way produces students who will live lives of eternal significance.

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The Hillcrest culture is welcoming, a learning environment that produces a strong appreciation for Godly friendships and respect for others. With a culture directed by God’s loving kindness, the Hillcrest campus has a positive character that reflects the subtle but powerful understanding that every person is made in the image of God.  Once accepted, this truth brings out the best in our students and provides them with an outstanding school community in which to learn and grow.

Operating from an understanding of all students are made in the image of God (imago dei), students treat themselves and fellow classmates with a unique respect and honor. Regular presentation of the Gospel along with opportunities to question, share, and study the Bible, encourages students to seek their identity in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hillcrest enables interpersonal development with Jesus Christ in a small school atmosphere, providing an intimate environment that promotes positive opportunities to receive instruction and build relationships around a Biblically-based classroom experience.

As a boarding school, Hillcrest receives a regular infusion of new students, providing a fresh and vibrant dynamic each year. Established community and classroom expectations provide an excellent context for students to study and learn.  All of this, plus an intentional school program with mentoring at its core, provides a Biblical context to develop healthy friendships with peers and adults.

College Preparatory Curriculum

Hillcrest Academy offers the academic rigor necessary to prepare for college entrance exams and a successful university experience. Hillcrest instructs in the Classical method, using grammar and logic to undergird student’s thinking as they communicate. Hillcrest’s academic success is largely based on students building an understanding in the character of God as they progress in their understanding of the world God created. The test scores from Hillcrest students display the academic rigor that is evident in the Biblically-based and Christ-centered approach to education and character formation.

Advanced Placement courses offered as part of the Hillcrest curriculum: AP European History (every other year), AP Calculus, AP English Composition, AP Art, and AP American History (every other year).

University credit is given for students that score 3 or better on Advanced Placement (AP) exams (check with your desired university to verify their criteria for AP credit).  

The Hillcrest academic program qualifies as a Recognized Rigorous Secondary School Program of Study as recognized by the Secretary of Education.

Choice of Electives

In addition to the required courses at HLA, students round out their academic experience with elective courses. 

Graduation Requirements

1 Credit per year

4 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits

1/2 Credit

1 Credit (Foreign Lang. requirement beginning with class of 2016; reduces general elective credit requirement)

1 Credit (Tech Academy requirement beginning with class of 2016; replaces Computer Applications requirement and reduces general elective credit requirement)

1 Credit (1/2 credit per year, participation in a sport will be accepted PE credit)

1/2 Credit 

8 Credits



History/Social Studies



Computer Applications

Foreign Language

Tech Academy

Physical Ed



Credit Requirements

27    Required number of credits for an entering freshman 

26    Required number of credits for an entering sophomore

25    Required number of credits for an entering junior

24    Required number of credits for an entering senior

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