A Christian World-View

Classes at Hillcrest Academy are taught from a Christian perspective with each course being led by instructors who are professing Christians.   Hillcrest instructors integrate each subject through the lens of God's Word. 


The faculty and staff at Hillcrest seek to provide an encouraging environment that fosters academic and spiritual growth. From positive classroom climate to Chapel services to student-led Bible studies, students experience personal care and interest from teachers and peers. That is why parents from all over the country and the world send their children to Hillcrest. And as we disciple young people, keeping them in the Word, God is doing the ultimate work in their lives.

College Preparatory Curriculum

Hillcrest Academy offers the academic rigor necessary to prepare for college entrance exams and a successful university experience.

Advanced Placement courses offered as part of the Hillcrest curriculum: AP European History (every other year), AP Calculus, AP English Composition, AP Art, and AP American History (every other year).

University credit is given for students that score 3 or better on Advanced Placement (AP) exams (check with your desired university to verify their criteria for AP credit).  

The Hillcrest academic program qualifies as a Recognized Rigorous Secondary School Program of Study as recognized by the Secretary of Education.

Choice of Electives

In addition to the required courses at HLA, students round out their academic experience with elective courses. 


Graduation Requirements



History/Social Studies



Computer Applications

Foreign Language

Tech Academy

Physical Ed



1 Credit per year

4 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits

1/2 Credit

1 Credit (Foreign Lang. requirement beginning with class of 2016; reduces general elective credit requirement)

1 Credit (Tech Academy requirement beginning with class of 2016; replaces Computer Applications requirement and reduces general elective credit requirement)

1 Credit (1/2 credit per year, participation in a sport will be accepted PE credit)

1/2 Credit 

8 Credits

Credit Requirements

27    Required number of credits for an entering freshman 

26    Required number of credits for an entering sophomore

25    Required number of credits for an entering junior

24    Required number of credits for an entering senior