Hillcrest Academy’s bands affect life in a beneficial way. God’s gift of music carries long after many others have faded away. As music blesses those who play, it also encourages those who listen, and at a Christian school like Hillcrest, whose mission is to equip students for a life of significance, the students have a chance to use their natural talents to minister. 

Playing in a band is an unique experience. Hillcrst’s bands give students the chance to play many different styles spanning genres throughout history and around the world. 

Hillcrest’s Concert Band members play music spanning Broadway tunes, to classical Baroque pieces. Familiar music from Disney Pixar movies join traditional songs from various cultures. But a staple in the Band program is the traditional and contemporary songs of the Christian faith. The band offers a solution to the varying tastes an audience has. 

Adding further variety the Jazz Band. offers a special kind of music. The Jazz band provides a group music experience with the smoothness of swing and the upbeat style of Latin charts. “I really enjoy getting to play and experience the the various styles of music that we play,” said trumpet player Kris Lein, senior at Hillcrest Academy. “They are a lot of fun to perform.” 

A third way students experience music in yet another different style, pep-band is both an iconic pop-tunes band made popular in collegiate sporting events and a high school performance band playing fun arrangements of contemporary music. The pep-band is a fan and player favorite at sporting events. The upbeat music helps the fans get-going and causes players excitment in preparation for the games. 

The band program at Hillcrest offers students a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime. The purpose of the bands is to serve and minister to audiences through music that God has gifted. Students give back to God in praise and worship through their music. 

Hillcrest’s Band members also see their performances as a powerful tool to minister. Music has the power to make hard hearts soft, enemies become friends, and sinners come to repentance. The bands at Hillcrest use their performance abilities knowing the impact their performance can have in the power of God. 

One major way the band accomplishes their ministry is through Hillcrest’s Band Tour. Occurring every other year, the tour travels to specific parts of the country to play concerts at welcoming churches. The tour is a great way for band members to experience playing in different venues. Their band’s ministry to new audiences use music carefully selected to coincide with the church calendar.. Students will never know the extent to which this music affects them or their audiences, but it is safe to say that the music is a blessing to both. 

There are other chances students have to minister to the community. Along with the band tour, the Veterans’ Day Concert honoring those who fought for our country, and the Noon Rotary concert given to community supporters, are just a few local ways Hillcrest’s bands fulfill their mission. 

Quincy Undseth said, “I like to play the various styles that Jazz Band has to offer.” 

The Band program at Hillcrest Academy is a great way to experience something special during the high school years. The Hillcrest Academy band program not only makes for a more dynamic student, but also provides an opportunity for students to minister in a creative way.