Concert Band

This ensemble serves as the primary instrumental group for students in grades 9-12 at Hillcrest, and they perform the highest quality literature available based upon instrumentation and experience of the ensemble. Participation in the Concert Band involves performance opportunities throughout the school year, individual lessons, pep band, and contest events. Short and extended concert tour experiences are a highlight of this ensemble.


Jazz Ensemble

Pre-requisite: Concert Band

The Jazz Ensemble provides experience in all styles of jazz music that can benefit the performer in all aspects of playing. This group provides performance opportunities, music contest participation, and band tour performances. Students are instructed in jazz style and improvisation as an integral part of this unique music.

Junior High Band

This ensemble is for instrumentalists at all levels in the Junior High.  Through performance and individual lessons, students gain understanding and skills in basic musicianship and musical style on their chosen instrument. The Junior High Band is involved in several concert events during the school year.

5th and 6th Grade Band

This group is open to students enrolled in area private schools and home schools. It provides a performing experience for 1st and 2nd year instrumentalists, and individual lessons are given to  foster the musical growth that is vital during these first two years in band. Several concert events are provided each year, and students perform music that enriches the skills developed through private instruction.

Summer Instrumental Lessons

Summer lessons are available for students to grow and excel on their chosen instrument through individual study. These lessons are held starting in June, and students are encouraged to develop all aspects of their playing. Areas of study include technique, solo literature, and extra topics. Beginning students start their instruments during this time as well. Information and registration details are sent to all band students in the spring.