It's So Simple

"It's so simple". A quote from one of our Mission Minneapolis students on Sunday following a Gospel presentation as part of our debriefing session. This simple quote chalked up a successful mission project where our students were able to understand the Gospel in a real way. Our students had the opportunity to be "pipe-line builders" for the Gospel as they worked with this weekend's Mission Minneapolis.

Mission Minneapolis is a monthly trip offered to Hillcrest students. This trip is part of a joined effort with Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN. Students get to join with the congregation in outreach to the community surrounding Ebenezer. The outreach consists of working at the ground-level of church ministry, helping with simple tasks like passing out fliers and befriending people in the community. Students also get to join the church as they worship on Sunday mornings., participating in the service by leading the worship time and engaging in conversation during the Adult Bible-study and coffee meet-and-greet times. 

This past weekend students had the opportunity to work behind the scenes of a large outreach for the church. Students passed out fliers and met with people on the street to communicate the safe-and-free trunk-or-treat opportunity. 

One of the students commented to me, "It's so simple" after we had gone over the Gospel as part of our debriefing session. This comment has been ringing in my ears as I've been processing what it means for me to communicate this simple message to those God has brought me in contact with. 

View the video below to understand the presentation offered to the student and the reason for his response.

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