Can Evangelism Start with Creation?

Next week 19 Hillcrest students and 3 Hillcrest Faculty will board two church vans and depart on a trip that will likely change their understanding of Evangelism. This trip has been termed "The Junior-class Study-in-Mission" experience.

This group will embark on a 7 Museum tour, complete with visits to both secular and Christian exhibits. The trip will highlight the battleground for the mind the lays at the foot of the question of Origins. Students will be required to interact with each display and pin-point the world-views communicated. The heart of this practice will be to have the students process the implications of the world-views and the positive and/or detrimental realities resulting from the philosophies.

The first two Museums visited will be the Alder Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium. Each student will interact with the displays. The twist in this trip is that they also will be required to conduct one-on-one surveys with the fellow observers at the museums. The ultimate focus is for our students to be able to ask relevant questions to illuminate the humanistic philosophies embedded in the displays. Students will be equipped with a comprehensive Biblical world-view as they will visit the Creation Science museum on day 2 of the trip. This practice will educate the students that Creation and the question of origins is a cornerstone to our ability to communicate the Gospel.

Please pray for our group as we embark on this experience. I know that it will be a challenging time for many students, but our desire is to communicate the Gospel and illuminate the reality of God's handiwork in the universe.

Answers in Genesis is an affiliated ministry with the Creation Science Museum. I would like to share a video series with you which holds tightly to the premise of this mission experience.