Giving Knowledge and Discretion to the Young (Proverbs 1:4)

In two days 19 students and 3 Hillcrest faculty will embark on a trip that could change their their lives. What does that statement really mean though? Are we merely trying to help the students find more significance in the world? What we're doing has a much greater scope than just personal fulfillment and a great high school experience. We're working to create students who are wise and who care about fulfilling God's design for mankind.

When I write that we desire to have wise students, I think we need to qualify what that looks liks. I have heard it said that wisdom is dependent on knowledge, meaning that one can not have wisdom without knowledge. What we're giving these students is a chance to see 7 museums and 1 particle accelerator with the goal of teaching them to analyze information and consider it's validity. In order for our students to know how to interact with the world we need to show them the realities of the world. This tour enables them to see a great deal of the realities of science and history, communicated through a very loud and influential medium.

The loud medium I mention is written documentation. It was communicated to me through my collegiate experience that the written word is very powerful. The written word communicates ideas which outlast historians and scientists, yet their voices and ideas are still communicated. These ideas are interesting because we all have ideas. I have ideas as I write this post, but the affects of these ideas on the culture is how these ideas are measured. As a culture, I don't believe we care so much about the truth of ideas as much as we care about their consequences for us. An example of this would be some friends of mine who practice Yoga and Hindu meditation because it makes them feel relaxed and healthy. Their concern isn't about the truth of Hinduism and it's relation to the practice of Yoga, instead they value the validity of Yoga based on the results. The truth about the ideas and concepts communicated in Hinduism through Yoga are removed from their thinking.

What we're doing with the Chicago Study-and-Mission trip is to create a need for our students to process the truths of what they're hearing. Not only will they be interacting with science and history, but they also have assignments to consider the affect of the ideas in science (which have impacted history) have for us today and how we interact with our world. 

Please pray for our students as we seek to train them to be intellectual Christians who interact with their world for the glory of Christ. Many of their peers are disengaged from the realities and subtleties communicated in their classrooms media devices, and through their peers, but we seek to train up an intellectual culture who understands Christ by knowing Truth. After all, that is what Jesus testifies to, why He was born, and the very reason He came to the world.