40 Days For Life

Pastor Rich Iverson recently addressed the Hillcrest student body. A pastor, parent and board member at Hillcrest, Pastor Rich is what you might call invested in the Hillcrest program. He's also invested in a big issue facing our school, community, church and world.

Pastor Rich has been a bold voice for the unborn. His chapel message this week discussed the 40 Days for Life campaign. A concerted effort from pastors and parishioners, the 40 Days campaign commits to praying, fasting and provide counseling for those who are seeking to terminate their pregnancy. 

Sharing his passion and the need to be a dissenting voice in the face of abortion, Pastor Rich shared a heart-wrenching story from this past week. Painting a picture for the students, pastor Rich told of a 20 year old girl who purposefully stuck her fingers in her ears as Pastor Rich reached out to share the options that were available for the young mother and her unborn child.

His message continually drew students to the ministry of encouragement and hope that they can offer to the mothers and their children. Students were glued to the message and Pastor Rich's specific outline calling them to action regarding this issue.

The Video below was shown in chapel this past week. It was the start of Hillcrest's call to students to stand in action.

Students are organizing to join Pastor Rich in a time of prayer over the coming weeks as they seek to be a dissenting voice in this debate. This another part of the intentional focus of Hillcrest Academy to prepare students for a life of significance. 

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