Calling in the Reinforcement

The video above is part of a new initiative by AXIS Worldview team. AXIS is a non-profit Biblically-based organization that equips students to question assumptions, interpret media and move passionately from apathy to compassionate action.

AXIS has a new 1,000-day strategy in which they are seeking to create an effective follow-up program for their current worldview training session. The program seeks to incorporate church and parent training and resources to enhance the Biblical instruction in cultural discernment students receive at home and in church.

Hillcrest has been blessed by AXIS and their presentations at our school. Their 1,000 day planning event is comparative to Hillcrest's continued desire to come alongside the church and the home by providing a Biblically-based Christian environment for students to move deeper in their understanding and commitment with Jesus Christ.

To find out more about AXIS' movement, please visit They are a co-laborer in equipping students to live a life of significance founded on Jesus Christ. 

Hillcrest Academy