Preparing to Answer the Questions

How would you solve world-hunger, create world-peace or fix the national debt? Apart from politicians, these questions are most publicly asked of beauty pageant contestants. The Hillcrest Academy knowledge-bowl team is building a foundation to address these questions. 

Solving complex math problems, recounting significant dates in history and deciphering classic literature pieces under 30 seconds, the Hillcrest knowledge-bowl team has earned a berth to State competition. Students Chris Bigelow, Chad Hermes, Jordan Konynenbelt, Jaron Olsoe and Jared Kugler are kept under time by Junior Kathleen Martinson as they compete. The questions are complex and the stress-level is high as they look to out perform their competition by providing better answers in a shorter time-frame. The preparation for addressing complex world-changing issues is occurring through their weekly preparation and studying as a team. The foundation of knowledge and life-long learning is being fostered through their involvement in Knowledge Bowl.

Knowledge Bowl, an interdisciplinary activity, began in Pagosa Springs, Colorado in the 1970's. Following an outcry from high school students, the schools formed a competitive tournament involving excellent students being quizzed on significant facts. The students at Hillcrest study throughout the week in addition to their routine high school course work. Meeting weekly for testing and quizzing, the Knowledge Bowl team has formed a tight bond of friendship. Competition has brought them closer as they look to unite 5 ideas to one answer to solve complex questions. 

The State Knowledge Bowl meet is April 7-8 in Brainerd, Mn. Join us in encouraging these young students to strive to be intelligent Christians who strive to answer complex questions in the public arena.

Hillcrest Academy