Education for the Educated

Local grads from Hillcrest took time out of their spring break to continue to minister at the school they love. The Alumni came to communicate the realities that the Hillcrest seniors will be facing in a few short months. Walking students from Graduation through the first semester of college, the Alumni quickly made bold statements for the current Hillcrest students to mark down as significant points for success in college. One of the most poignant connecting points for the Alumni was the feeling of being prepared.

One Alumnus shared that he feels, "almost over-prepared for the challenges (to my faith)". Stating that he wasn't met with a barrage of statements from his professors "hating" Christianity, the Hillcrest graduate went on to communicate the peer-pressure challenges that Hillcrest students can expect in college. Noting the dynamics of dormitory life, the Alumni painted a challenging picture for the future Hillcrest grads, noting that many of their college friends appear to be wasting time through video games, meaningless parties and sleeping through classes. Another Alumna was forthright, calling the training and education Hillcrest students are receiving to be viewed as an employment. Stating that this employment is replete with tasks and accountability that needs to be taken seriously, she noted that this is how she views college as well. 

As the Alumni were preparing to leave, a number of faculty and staff members approached them stating that it is such a blessing to have their students continuing to invest in Hillcrest. Noting that the students appeared to listen and participate more actively in the discussions, the Alumni were thanked extensively for their willingness. It was seen as a victory today knowing that these Hillcrest-prepared students were actively challenging the obstacles Hillcrest teachers were preparing them for.