Student Organized Outreach Draws Crowd

Non-violent resistance. One of the best, seemingly unknown expressions is through the story of Hans and Sofie Scholl. As part of a student organized group called The White Rose Society, Hans and Sofie stood in opposition to Nazi Germany's forceful suppression of it's citizens. 

The passion Hans and Sofie had to oppose Nazi Germany was passed on to them by their parents. The two developed a deep conviction that what Hitler was doing in Germany was going to destroy society. A group of Hillcrest students have developed a similar passion, and is resisting the cultural norm.

Meeting weekly to study the Bible and pray for each other, a group of Hillcrest students began to think outside of themselves. Feeling that much of the culture encourages them to focus inward, this group of Sophomore, Junior and Senior students from Hillcrest and Underwood High school began to plan a city-wide outreach for Fergus Falls. 

The planning work led the group to earn money by working for Hillcrest Basketball games in the concession booth. The money collected was designated to rent the Fergus Falls high school auditorium. Having the location set, the students began to plan the outreach. Having watched the movie To Save a Life in a special senior chapel service, the students moved to answer the question of how the Gospel was going to be presented. The outreach being student organized led the group to elect Hillcrest senior Chris Christenson to share his testimony and outline the Gospel.

The night of the outreach was filled with a flurry of Bible-study participants laying out name-tags and snacks, and moving into places for greeting and preparation to play the movie. Having invited local youth leaders to the event, the Bible study team looked across the audience. The students recognized that apart from the 90 students attending from Hillcrest, there were approximately 200 students they didn't see on a daily basis in their school hallways. 4 different schools were represented in the audience and following the movie all the students heard a clear presentation of the Gospel through Chris' testimony. 

Some might forget the story of Hans and Sofie's non-violent resistance. However, the 300 students in the Fergus Falls high school auditorium won't soon forget this outreach. Many of the Bible-study participants spoke of challenging conversations that arose following the outreach. Some spoke to students who recently experienced the loss of a friend to suicide. Others communicated struggles at home and in school to the Bible-study group. Some of the students were guided to one of the numerous local youth leaders at the event while others were prayed for and encouraged by the ministry-minded group of students.

The Bible-study has elected to resist the acceptance of low-expectations for Christian teenagers. Banding together with a passion for Christ, this group has been led to communicate the Gospel in powerful ways. Join us in encouraging them through prayer as we continue to educate these students to live out their faith, learn how to present the Gospel and go out into the world.

Hillcrest Academy