Chapel Jump Starts End of Year Focus

Do you hear voices? Principal Isaac opened chapel with this question. Drawing students to consider small conversations they have with themselves as they approach situations, Mr. Isaac went on to point out how habits in small situations can direct big-picture decisions. Mr. Isaac pointed to the habits that Michael Jordan made in his practice time and how they led to game-time decisions which have made him one of the most well-known and arguably best Basketball players of all time.

In this opening chapel service marking the start of the final four weeks of school, Mr. Isaac called students to consider some of the challenges and obstacles they are facing. He led students to consider the situations affecting his family with his son's disability. He called students to the reality that God has perfectly organized the persons in his family to support and draw their family together. With the understanding of God's hand in his family, despite the daily challenges they face, Mr. Isaac called students to consider their challenges. He implored them get a Biblical perspective as they engage their obstacles.

Closing out, Mr. Isaac introduced a series for the students that they will be embarking on as they participate in chapel. The series will highlight Biblical authority in the lives of the students while also addressing questions of Biblical authenticity, historicity and the comprehensive platform the Bible has to address the issues of mankind.

Hillcrest Academy