Custodians Bring Gospel Message to Students in Unique Way

Custodian Dave Crowser showed the comprehensive approach Hillcrest takes in the education and consistent mentorship from administrators, to teachers, to kitchen staff and even custodians. Working consistently with the worship team at Hillcrest, Dave Crowser and fellow custodian Dean Erkenbrack are seen having heart-to-heart converstations with students frequently on the Hillcrest campus. Whether Dave is cleaning a locker, enjoying coffee with the students at breakfast time or in the role of mentoring them in leading worship, Dave's focus remains clear as he continues to represent the reality of Christ in his daily work.

Mr. Croswer addressed the student body last friday with a special Chapel presentation. Drawing significance from Isaiah's foretelling of God using a gentile named Cyrus to restore Israel, Dave brought to light times and situations in the students' lives where they may question God's guiding hand. Pointing out significance that God doesn't intervene in history, but writes history, Dave called students to understand the reality of God and the saving act of Christ on calvary as a prophecy in the same right as Isaiah's of Cyrus. 

Students were encouraged to know that a simple custodian can have robust revelations from God's word, and many were commenting on the raw realities that Mr. Crowser had presented in his simple and steady manner.

Mr. Crowser is one of the many people God uses at Hillcrest to mentor and disciple students on a daily basis. The Bible is the comprehensive tool that is used by the staff at Hillcrest to establish its holistic approach to education. Whether students depart in May to the Presidency or a custodial position, they have been taught to honor Christ in their work with the Bible as the guiding text-book.

Hillcrest Academy