The Cultivate Project Explained

Hillcrest Academy is proud to be one of a select few private schools in the U.S. pioneering The Cultivate Project, a training course that is preparing our faculty and staff to form mentoring relationships with students and help them become well-rounded, confident young adults who are spiritually and academically prepared to exert a positive influence on society.

President Steven Brue explains that at Hillcrest Academy, we believe that education is about more than simply learning facts. It is about the growth of the whole person. A wealth of academic research demonstrates that increased relationality between teachers and students results in greater social, academic, and Spiritual growth for students.

"We feel that great teacher-student relationships are already one of our strengths, but we want to be even better," says Principal Jeffrey Isaac. "So our teachers are intentionally equipping themselves and working together to forge stronger life-on-life relationships with students in the classroom, through mentoring groups, and in one-on-one relationships."

The Cultivate Project was designed by a global mentoring organization called Passing the Baton International. Its president, Dr. Jeff Myers, says, "The Cultivate Project provides the missing link in education today. In a day when parents are concerned about quality education, I'm excited that Hillcrest Academy is taking this step to make their school even better and have a profound influence on the students' lives."

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