The CEntennial Beacon

The Centennial Beacon is 24 stories coming from Hillcrest's history over the past 100 years. Historian and author Steve Hoffbeck has compiled some of the most poignant stories that have defined Hillcrest Academy.

What is the book

The Centennial beacon is a 10"X10" coffee table book. It presents vivid images from Hillcrest's Levang Gallery that give visual perspective to the stories that have shaped Hillcrest Academy. You will be able to view never before seen photos of Chinese missionaries who worked at and attended Hillcrest Academy and the Lutheran Brethren Bible School. There are also photos of the early days at Hillcrest, students playing sports and in classroom settings that shows a stories past of Hillcrest that continues into the future.


order the Book

The 400+ page book may be purchased for $99.95 hardbound and $34.95 softbound