Computer & Media Courses

Junior High Computer Apps

An introductory computer course focused upon developing typing and basic computer skills.

Computer Applications (Tech Academy)

This course will present the information and skills necessary to become proficient in the use of Google Apps and other web 2.0 applications available in the cloud. Students will learn basic computer skills in production and formatting documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia presentations. In addition students will develop skills in online research, communication and project collaboration.


Pre-Requisite: Computer Applications

Students will learn throughout the year to make digital presentations and to become digital storytellers. We will use technology to integrate images, graphics, narration, sounds, and music into a finished video work that can be published to physical media or uploaded to the internet. For each project, students will follow the steps in the creation process: Preproduction; Production; Post-production. Students will employ with a large variety of computer software as creative tools. They will also use scanners, still cameras, video cameras, lighting and microphones.

Marketing & Media Mentorship

Students who are excelling in creative disciplines may be selected for a hands-on marketing & media mentorship program offered by the Hillcrest marketing & publications office. Students in this program will develop and hone marketable skills by actively participating in the promotion of the school. Activities include photography, video editing, social media management, writing, design and layout. 


Students in this course produce the Beacon, the annual yearbook of Hillcrest Academy.