Hillcrest’s Student Life Program Unites Many Nations

Students unite at sporting events, playing and cheering for friends as a part of the Comet community.

Students unite at sporting events, playing and cheering for friends as a part of the Comet community.

Hillcrest is one of the most powerful learning environments for international students. Because Hillcrest bases our program on the Bible, we see every person as a divine expression of the character of God. We understand each person is made in the image of God, and every person at Hillcrest is on equal footing because they bear God’s divine imprint.

With this we celebrate the various cultures and backgrounds as they align to a Biblical understanding of humanity. Each question and difference in culture is an opportunity to teach history, language, logic, and expression. These pillars of understanding the world stand on the understanding that the world is organized and orderly, coming from the creative mind and character of the God of the Bible.

As students engage in classroom disciplines they see the form and function in God’s creative design. This understanding propels their learning. No longer are they simply learning facts and engaging in concepts. Students at Hillcrest understand stories and cultural expressions as they engage in mathematics, language, history, and the arts. Their exploration in academia is an exploration in identity.

With this foundation for learning in place, students engage in the culture of Hillcrest. Over seventeen different cultures are present in the 180+ student body. Students see that cultural differences and backgrounds are opportunities to exercise listening, sharing, and communication. Because students come from countries with various economic practices, government systems, and cultural ideals the classrooms at Hillcrest hold diversity of thought and expression. Hillcrest unites students under the banner of Christ, teaching students to express their viewpoints in a logical, honest, and respectful manner. The midwest culture holds a lot of great traits in debate and understanding. Hillcrest many times is the perfect place for an international student to build an understanding of the American culture.

Students from foreign countries find Hillcrest a place to share thoughts, opinions, and perspectives as part of a diverse community where many are new. Over half of Hillcrest’s student body is new each year, and over 17 different cultures are represented.

Students from foreign countries will see their English comprehension and expression improve dramatically as students engage in the small and close-knit community of Hillcrest. International students will room with students from other cultures, most often with students from the United States. This opens opportunity for aid in school work and navigating culture. Each student who attends Hillcrest is here because they desire to be here. Hillcrest does accept students who do not want to be a part of our dynamic and diverse community.

Hillcrest is not a place for troubled youth. Instead, our mission is to equip young people in a Christ-centered and Bible-based environment. We are best suited for students who want to understand more about the Christian faith and build habits for spiritual and academic growth. While Hillcrest does allow some students to attend Hillcrest who do not have a Christian background, there is a very rigorous admissions process to ensure that students on our campus have a general inclination to grow in an understanding and commitment with Jesus Christ as their savior. It is our desire that each student who attends Hillcrest will develop a personal, vibrant, and committed following of Jesus Christ.

Hillcrest classrooms are warm and open environments where students can freely share their perspective and culture. Most important things are discussed and debated at Hillcrest, from abortion to government structure. Students from foreign countries can share their perspectives easily, opening a robust learning environment for all.

Resident Directors are mentors who ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for the students. Resident Assistants are typically college-aged mentors who monitor the resident halls and enhance residence hall life by providing quality activities, one-on-one mentorship, and small group devotionals.

Residence hall life is a highlight for many students with activities planned nearly every weekend. Students have the chance to attend amusement park outings, shopping trips to the Mall of America, and various intramural activities.

Shared experiences in student life activities enable students from all over the world the chance to build life-long friendships. Many Hillcrest Academy students have had the chance to travel overseas to visit friends they've made at Hillcrest. A central component to their friendships have been the activities organized within the resident halls.


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