REsident Life staff recruitment video

Admissions Director Wayne Stender introduces Hillcrest and an overview of the Hillcrest resident life program for you to consider. The opportunities for ministry are incredible at Hillcrest Academy, and we invite you to consider them as your introduced to the dynamic ministry that awaits you at Hillcrest.

resident life staff explained

Education is by definition a life-shaping activity because of the interdependence of knowledge and virtue.  The cultivation of the mind is fundamentally and inextricably linked to the cultivation of character (Stoner, 2014).

In Hillcrest’s resident life program staff are equipped to shape and sharpen character outside the classroom. Staff have countless opportunities of discipleship as students receive guidance, encouragement, and engage their high school experience with staff.

At Hillcrest education begins with the assertion that God created the world and makes Himself known through creation and the Bible. As creator God, His perspective on reality is the true perspective. Through cultivating minds and character in Hillcrest’s dynamic school environment we communicate the foundation of truth. Truth corresponds to reality, and in starting with the assertion that God created Hillcrest communicates the design and plan of God through various disciplines to build faith, develop intellect, and strengthen character.

Hillcrest rests in God’s revealed character and knowledge in creation (general revelation), in the Bible (special revelation), and through Jesus Christ (special revelation).  Educating young men and women on God’s perspective helps them make sense of their world. Hillcrest educates students on God’s perspective in all matters academic while providing them with the opportunities to digest and apply what they have learned to their everyday practice of living in society through a robust extra-curricular offering that offers intercultural experiences in a dormitory setting.

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