Hillcrest Parent Update 10/14/11

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Determining Value
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Determining Value

Hillcrest's mission is to equip students in a biblically-based environment for a life of significance. This short line has taken-on profound meaning for many students as they've been participating in the conversation on the value of life.

The above video is done by a worldview apologist and friend of Hillcrest Academy named John Stonestreet. Following a weekend with Mr. Stonestreet, he made the following comment to one of Hillcrest's staff members, "Christians are very reactionary when it comes to cultural landscape because we're reacting to culture, we're not living from the Biblical story".

The link on this story will take you the Principal's Desk blog within the Hillcrest website. You'll get a chance to hear Mr. Stonestreet give a one-minute explanation to why the right to life cause is deeply embedded in our nature. You will also hear him give reference to the need to live out the Biblical model of guarding life. This will give you more context and understanding of the big ideas we're tackling with the Bible and culture, with the Bible as the anchor. 
Staff Spotlight
Periodically parents have an opportunity to speak with staff members at Hillcrest long enough to get a picture of what their students are receiving in the classroom. However, most parents don't get enough time with all teachers and staff members to obtain the full understanding of the program their families are investing in. The Staff Spotlight section is where you will get to meet our staff.

This week we would like to highlight one of our support staff members who is participating in a number of training programs to support you.

Wayne Stender is the Director of Marketing at Hillcrest. Wayne graduated from Hillcrest in 2002 and spent 8 months in Seattle, WA before coming back to Hillcrest to volunteer in starting the missions program at with Gregg Preston.

In moving back to Fergus Falls, Wayne went on to study Intercultural Ministries and Global Studies through Norwestern College's distance education program based in St. Paul, MN. He has since taken the markeing position and he has felt a passion to provide more education opportunities for families.

A recent Barna study revealed that 9% of Christian Adults have an informed Biblical worldview. As the Hillcrest program has focused on training a generation of young people to understand the world from a Biblical perspective, it has also had the desire to encourage parents and families with similar training. The force behind this is supports a Biblical worldview being taught, as well as caught, by students in their homes and at Hillcrest.

As part of Wayne's involvement with marketing Hillcrest Academy, he has enlisted in the Charles Colson Center for Christian Worldview as part of their Centurions program. The program entails monthly webcasts from leaders in apologetics and Biblical instruction. Wayne participates in an online forum moderated by Chuck Colson, will attend two residency weekends in Washington D.C. under the leadership of Chuck Colson and the Breakpoint staff and has been granted full access to resources and materials for teaching and training through the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. In addition to the training, Wayne is required to teach the Centurions program in atleast two settings as a fulfillment for the program. 

One Centurion recently had this to say of the program:

"The Centurions program is more than a learning opportunity. To be selected into this program means you are committed to teaching and mentoring others in how to think with a Biblical worldview. The Centurions program is not a program where you will gather, be taught, and go back to living your life with a fresh set of books and some pictures of you shaking hands with notable Christian speakers. Entering the program comes with a commitment to teach and mentor others. A teaching assignment, in fact, is part of the curriculum. That shared commitment to influence others and pass on knowledge creates a special dynamic that goes with being part of a community of serious, kingdom-minded Christians who want to engage a needy world for the cause of Christ."
~J. Clinton~

Wayne will be offering Centurions training in a number of formats. He has elected to start with a chapel series for the students in two weeks. In addition to this, there will be two full-session teaching programs for parents in January and March of 2012. 

Be watching for additional resources and teaching events Hillcrest will be hosting in the future. There will be a steady stream of resources, training and equipping events for you and your family to be prepared to participate in the world with a Biblical framework from Hillcrest Academy.

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Hillcrest will be joining many pastors and parents from throughout the region to pray over the Fargo abortion clinic. We would like to invite parents and students to join us. Click this story to learn more.
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This week the Norwegian students will be visiting the King and Queen of Norway, the final home football game of the season will be Wednesday and the Dorms will be doing a service project. Click this story to see more activities.
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Find out what students will be eating this week by following the lunch menu online.
Parent Support
The One Nation Under God event is part of Hillcrest's continual thrust to equip families with Biblical worldview training. The event will occur November 12th from 10am-12pm.
Principal and Mrs. Isaac will be hosting informal parent get-togethers as Hillcrest continues to unite families committed to training Biblically-based students for God's kingdom.
Significant the Magazine
A common practice in the Old Testament was for the Isrealites to set-up markers to remind them of God's work. Hillcrest has begun the process of collecting stones for this year's markers. Click on this story to see the monuments created over the past two years.



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