Hillcrest Parent Update 11/11/11


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HLA has recorded the live-stream games from the fall. Visit www.ffhillcrest.org/livestream-archive.

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Marriage: The Non-binding Social Contract

Is marriage more than just a social contract? It's hard to imagine it as anything more watching high profile divorces, and witnessing the homosexual lobby move to change marriage's definition. 

However, there is a growing sentiment among Biblical leaders and social scientists that marriage is more than simply the joining of two people for cohabitation and social approval. The above link will take you the the Principal's Desk where we introduce you to some of the ideas from Biblical leaders and reserach analysts. They're saying that a Biblical definition of marriage is essential for a healthy society with contributing citizens.

The introduction of the debate will be accomplished at Hillcrest Academy. Students will be given social statistics and a Biblical framework to build their case. However, many social scientists are finding that the best way for a belief to be passed from one generation to another is through parents and meaningful adult mentors. We praise God that we have both at Hillcrest Academy, preparing our students for a Biblically-based life of significance. 

A Shot From The Hip

Walking down the halls of Hillcrest, you will see students enamored with the topics and concepts their instructors and mentors are introducing. The Biblical definitions to their study of the world is something that many students across the world wish for.

As we continue to provide updates of the Hillcrest experience, we hope you are passing them along to other friends and family as they pray for your student and the training they're receiving at Hillcrest. We encourage you to continue to pray for the staff and faculty as they strive to communicate Christ to your student. 

Around the Castle

HLA Film Festival
Saturday, November 12th the students at HLA will meet in the Main Building Gymnasium at 8pm for the HLA Film Festival. Parents and friends are encouraged to attend.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Athletes are continually mentored at Hillcrest. One of the primary modes is through their weekly Bible-study Sundays at 6:30pm at the Preston's home.
Dominican Mission Chapel
Monday, November 14th the Hillcrest Seniors will be talking about their upcoming Mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Chapel begins at 9:50am, and will be recorded. Parents and friends are encouraged to attend.
Soccer Get-together
Following an exciting and successful season, the HLA Boys soccer team will be meeting to praise God for their experiences together Monday, November 14th at 7pm in the Hillcrest chapel
Principal and Mrs. Isaac will be hosting informal parent get-togethers. The 9th-10th grade parents are connecting Saturday, November 5th at 7pm with the Isaacs.

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