Hillcrest Parent Update 11/25/11

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Live Streaming

Checkout your favorite fall games. Visit www.ffhillcrest.org/livestream-archive.

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The Practice of Passivity

Coming back from the Dominican Republic, we found one major theme that seems to include both American and Dominican Students. Students in both cultures are enamored with electronics, to the point of being amused to death.

We have seen this amusement lead to passivity. We are working against this as we introduce students to the passion God has for the world. Our work often times feels counter-cultural.

Visit the Principal's Blog to see a short video and read how we're addressing this topic.

A Mission in Athletics

Comet basketball is starting, following a short break in athletics to celebrate Thanksgiving. One of the exciting practices at Hillcrest Academy is the prayer and testimony time by the HLA ball players. They have a desire for their opponents to know Christ. 

Please visit our athletic schedule, and make it a point to see some games as this passion is lived out. You'll get the chance to see that there is much more than a game of Basketball being played-out on the floor.

Around the Castle

Jr. High Knowledge Bowl
The Jr. High knowledge bowl team has a meet Monday, November 28th in Fergus Falls. They do a great job representing Christ and Hillcrest Academy.
Christmas Banquet
The time-honored Christmas banquet is a tradition HLA takes to celebrate Christmas with faculty, staff and students. It will be held Friday, December 2nd at 6pm.
Principal and Mrs. Isaac will be hosting informal parent get-togethers. The 11th and 12th grade parents are meeting Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm with the Isaacs.

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