Hillcrest Parent Update 11/4/11


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• Breaking the Silence: Principal's Desk
Tax Credit Info
Steinbach Family Benefit
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Breaking the Silence

Did you hear that? That silence? Students at Hillcrest have been working to break that sound.

Charles Colson, pictured above, recently had a 2-minute video segment where he introduced a theory called, "The Spiral of Silence". The Principal's Blog this week addresses this topic. Students at Hillcrest have participated in breaking the silence this year. Something that is counter-cultural to the steady self-indulged messages they're attacked with on a daily basis.

A nighttime prayer and sing-spiration at the Fargo abortion clinic is the most recent counter-cultural adventure students have taken. In the debrief time following prayer and praise, a Hillcrest student commented on how she felt abortion was a big deal before coming on the field experience. Her comments then shifted to how she thought she would ever speak out against it.

Believing the lies that abortion is a women's rights issue, the student thought her opinion was just that, an opinion. Following her time praying, singing and standing for the women and children affected by abortion, the student commented on how abortion is a human rights issue. Citing that the arguement is when life begins, the student spoke of how she now feels empowered to communicate her convictions. She mentioned that this experience wouldn't be the last time she is a voice for the voiceless. 

Step by step, students are breaking the deadly spiral of silence that tries to pull them down. These Hillcrest students really are receiving so much more than a diploma in the halls of HLA.

K-12 Education Tax Credit & Deduction

Hillcrest belongs to a number of supporting agencies. These agencies step-in and advocate for Hillcrest in areas regarding education grants, scholarships and private school legislation. 

One of the most aggressive agencies Hillcrest subscribes to is the Minnesota Independent School Forum (MISF). Hosting support staff training and administrative conferences, the organization also has provided a number of resources to the Hillcrest faculty, which many of your students are participating with in their classrooms. 

The most recent piece of information to come across our desks is regarding a Minnesota state education tax credit. Out-of-state parents should check with a tax professional to understand what tax deduction opportunities may be available in their state. Please acknowledge the information here>>.

Steinbach Family Benefit

New members to the Hillcrest family, Christina and Steve Steinbach have been looking forward to watching their children travel through Hillcrest in the coming years. 7th Grader Andrew is their first of many children to embark on this journey.

Tragically, in April of 2011, Christina was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastic Malignant Melanoma. After mounting a formidible battle, fighting the cancer, Christina sadly passed-away this week.

As hospital bills have piled, and the dream of their children attending Hillcrest remains, the Steinbach family will be supported from the Hillcrest and Fergus Falls community. This support is currently being organized through a community-wide benefit fundraiser with a spaghetti dinner, silent auction and bake sale.

The benefit will be held Monday, November 7th from 4-7pm at the Fergus Falls VFW (420 E. Washington). 

All funds raised at the banquet will be used to assist in medical bills incurred during Christina's battle with cancer. Donations may also be sent to:

Christina Steinbach Family Benefit Fund
C/O Security State Bank
128 E. Washington Ave. 
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Main Article Headline

Principal and Mrs. Isaac will be hosting informal parent get-togethers. The 9th-10th grade parents are connecting Saturday, November 5th at 7pm with the Isaacs.
Veterans Day Concert
The band will be performing for a special Veterans concert Sunday, November 6th at 6pm.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Athletes are continually mentored at Hillcrest. One of the primary modes is through their weekly Bible-study Sundays at 6:30pm at the Preston's home.
Jr. High Knowledge Bowl
Tuesday, November 8th starting at 8:10am the Jr. High Knowledge Bowl team will be participating in academic competition. 
Football Get-together
Following an exciting and successful season, the HLA Football team will be meeting to praise God for their experiences together Tuesday, November 8th at 5:30pm at the Kugler Home.
Jr. High Band and Choir Concert
The Jr. High Band and Choir have been tirelessly honing their musical skills. Join us Thursday, November 10th as we recognize their giftings and worship of Christ through the powerful mode of music.
HLA Film Festival
Saturday, November 12th the students at HLA will meet in the Main Building Gymnasium at 8pm for the HLA Film Festival. Parents and friends are encouraged to attend.

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