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The HLA Strategy
A Look at 1st Semester
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From Inside the Locker Room

We talk alot about the impact a Hillcrest education has on students and their understanding of how to live a life of significance. Lately, we've felt the urge to show how Hillcrest is working to be an answer to a number of the frustrating things happening right now in teen culture.

This week's Principal Blog addresses one piece of how Hillcrest is working to re-establish a Biblical understanding of manhood in the lives of our teens. The piece we focus on this week occurs within the locker-room of our Men's Basketball team. Visit the blog to hear a part of the 30 min. pep-talk and game-plan head coach Gregg Preston laid out for his team Tuesday night. You'll get a quick glimpse of how and why we view athletics as so much more than just a game or competition.

The Strategy

The Colson Center for Christian Worldview is concerned. There is a growing movement of silence among Christian's regarding social issues. The barrage of voices calling for Christian silence stand in opposition to God's image, and are being purported as normal.

We have a strategy to break this spiral of silence, and it goes hand-in-hand with a movement in Christian apologetics. The strategy involves detailed apologetic training, understaning trends and movements in the world through news and education and cultural engagement.

This week's Campus Ministry blog shows how Hillcrest is preparing students to break the spiral of silence occurring in the private and social lives of many Christians. Take some time to be encouraged at the education and the strategic engagement students are participating with at Hillcrest Academy.

A Look Through the First Semester

There is a Biblical practice of establishing remembrance stones at significant points along a journey. At Hillcrest, we have worked to employ this practice throughout the course of the 2011-2012 school year.
Thanks to a number of donations through Hillcrest's annual HIT Golf Tournament, Hillcrest was able to purchase equipment to start a LiveStream service for families and friends. The Hillcrest Technical Department has worked hard to enable the investment of donations through the HIT fundraiser pay-off in rememberance moments for parents and grandparents. The desired outcome is to help family and friends stay connected to students, as those away from HLA watch live events through a live video feed sent over the internet. Encourage your friends and family to register for LiveStream updates.

A practice by HLA over the past few years has been to document happenings throughout the week in a video-highlight format. Taking contemporary Christian music to the video gathered from the week, these highlights give students, parents and alumni an inside look to the memories being made at HLA. 
 These various updates and notifications are efficiently communicated via Hillcrest's Facebook page. We hope you find time to engage in these resources we provide at HLA, passing them on to friends and family throughout the course of the year. 

Around the Castle

Christmas Break Basketball Schedule
Check out the updates on the Basketball schedule for Christmas Break. Click on the Basketball to see an update on practice and game schedules.
Knowledge Bowl Meet During Christmas Break
The tireless knowledge bowl team will be participating in a meet on Monday, December 19th. The bus leaves at 7:50am and returns at 3:00pm
Main Office Hours
Hillcrest's Main office will be open Monday, December 19th-22nd from 9am-3pm each day. The office will be closed Friday, December 23rd.

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