Parent Update 11/01/2012


Check out some of the past Senior testimonies as we continue to pray for them in their first semester of college. Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Better Off Wed

The video above is a short introdcution into the conversation of marriage, the topic of this week's Principal's Blog

We discuss this topic as the Biblically-defined concept of marriage has been under attack in many areas of our students' lives. Most notably marriage is challenged in Hollywood, through a rampant idea that cohabitation is a good idea. 

Glenn Stanton, author of The Ring Makes All the Difference, challenges the commonly-held belief that marriage protects and benefits both men and women before they make the life-long union of marriage. Read about Staton's book and view the video in the Principal's Blog this week.

Mr. Quam Uses Spanish Translation to Dive Deeper

Students enjoy Spanish class. Not ususally due to the challenge of understanding Spanish, but the application Mr. Quam employs.

This week the Campus Ministries Blog allows you to take a sneak-peak into Mr. Quams classroom as he explains the meanings behind words used in the Lord's Prayer. 

Translating phrases and passages of scripture has helped students dive deeper into the true meaning of what is being communicated to them in English. A common practice in Mr. Quam's class, students translate Scripture and other prayers common in the church from Spanish into English. 

Mr. Quam's class helps prepare students for the Dominican Mission experience in addition to College and University studies. This video is a part of the Campus Ministries Blog that helps parents understand how students are prepared for a life of significance. 

Hillcrest Hallways Documented on Facebook

Through the many social media spheres students and parents interact with we have made it a priority to update Facebook with current happenings on-campus.

Periodic photo, video and blog updates flash across our Facebook Page, allowing parents and alumni of Hillcrest to cheer-on students at Hillcrest.

We encourage you to follow our Facebook Page and comment on our pictures as you cheer our students on in their development of living a significant life.

Around the Castle

Parent Prayer 
Parent weekly prayer occurs Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:15am in the HLA reception room. 
Athletics at HLA 
Captain's practice is starting-up for Basketball season. Nov. 9th also marks the first Jr. High Girls' Basketball game in Ashby.
Night Fun at HLA 
On Friday November 2nd the school will host a costume party with an open dorm trick-or-treat activity to follow. The event is open for both Jr. High and Sr. High and will run from 7-11pm.

Upcoming Events at HLA 
Saturday November 3rd and 4th an optional mission experience called Mission Minneapolis will occur for students who volunteer. The dormitories will also take a shopping trip to the Mall of America on November 4th. Off-campus High school students are invited to attend the trip. To discover details and sign-up for the trip please email Craig Nersten ( 

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