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Saturday, January 28th we're LiveStreaming the Men and Women's double-header. Visit

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All Alone Together

They nurture friendships on social-networking sites and then wonder if they are among friends. They are connected all day but are not sure if they have communicated. They become confused about companionship. Can they find it in their lives on the screen?

The above question is raised by MIT psychology professor Sherry Turkle in her book Alone Together. Turkle comments on the insightful book in a video in this week's Principal's Blog. Read how Hillcrest is striving to curb the influence of technology for the benefit of students building meaningful relationships in a Biblical context.

College Corner: Financial Aid

This week's college planning section covers some tips for financial aid.

Financial aid is intended to help families pay of college. The federal government has instituted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as a universally accepted form to determine a student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Basically, the difference between the cost of attending a school and a student's EFC is that student's financial need. Schools try to come as close as possible to meeting a student's financial need. Following January 1, families can submit the FAFSA application. The earlier a student applies for FAFSA the more likely they are to receive the financial aid they need to attend their desired school. It is encouraged for families to apply for FAFSA online as it is quicker and often protects against errors that could cause a delay in the financial aid process (ONLINE FAFSA APPLICATION). Not all education institutions accept FAFSA, contact your potential college or university to ensure their involvement in the FAFSA program.

Need-based financial aid comes in three forms being grants, work-study and loans. Grants are essentially scholarships and are often viewed as free money given to students to pay for college. Unlike scholarships, grants are not based on merit, instead grants are awarded based-on a student's level of need. Work-study is employment given to the student either on-campus, through community service or work related to a student's major. Traditionally work-study is subsidized by the federal government. Loans are borrowed money used to pay for college expenses. Loans come from numerous sources, have varying repayment terms and even different borrowers being directed to students or parents. Families should contact student aid representatives at the university or college a student is interested in to discover the varying grant, work-study and loan options.

Figuring college payment can be a stressful and complicated process. Take time to consult the Financial Aid office of the college your student is considering. This will help give clarity to the financial aid process and which grants and scholarships your student may qualify for. A personal phone-call speaking directly to a financial aid representative can go a long way. 

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My Final Semester

Seniors and Norwegian students are beginning to realize the countdown of their final semester at HLA. As we seek to communicate events on-campus, a special video series has been created documenting day-to-day encounters students have in their final semester in the Castle.

Take some time and catch up on the episodes here>>. They're fun, real-life experiences our students have as we look to direct them to the cross daily.

Around the Castle

On-Campus Disco-Dodgeball
Craig Nersten and his staffers are planning an exciting dodgeball game that involves music, lights and a bit of toe-tapping. The disco-dodgeball event will occur Saturday, January 21st at 9pm in the Main Building Gym. The Dodgeball event is open for the high school student body.
Knowledge Bowl
The high school knowledge bowl team will be representing HLA on Tuesday, January 24th from 8am-12:30pm at Zion Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls, MN.

Basketball Schedule
The Lady Comets have a busy week with games Tuesday, Thursday and a Saturday double-header with the Guys who also have a game Friday. Click on the Basketball to the left to see a schedule of games and practice times.
Coffee Shop and Karaoke
Saturday, January 28th, following the Comet Basketball double-header, students will be attending a coffee shop evening open for the entire student body. Details will be communicated in the next parent update.

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