Parent Update 3/2/12

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Live Streaming

HLA will be livestreaming the NHS induction ceremony Monday, March 5th at 10am.

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Skee-lo dreams of being taller. A popular rap artist in the 1990's, Skee-lo produced an inner-city anthem titled I Wish. his dream was to be a little taller and play basketball to receive recognition by the local females at the concrete basketball court. The song, when viewed without the music, reads like a depressing school note from a young boy wishing to remake himself.

This week's Principal's Blog discusses the challenging environment students are faced with on a daily basis. A student has to resolve how they communicate who they are literally everyday through social media and interpersonal contact. Principal Isaac is passionate about equipping and preparing his staff to minister to students who are engaging this reality. His introduction of the Cultivate Project is reinforced this week. An intentional effort to communicate the blessed Image-bearers, Cultivate is the focus of the active in-service trainings the Hillcrest faculty and staff undergo to remain focused on their responsibilty to communicate the character of Christ in their classrooms. 

NHS Induction Ceremony

Eric Metaxas spoke of a secret and "nefarious" organization in a recent address to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.. Pointing to President Obama and making reference to all past Presidents, Metaxas noted that all civil servants do the bidding of this organization. The organization he as referring to is the family.

At Hillcrest, we believe this small statement in Mr. Metaxas' speech carries great weight. Bearing significance found in the structure given by God at the foundations of the world, the family structure must be taught, protected and supported. We intend to do that through the recognition and installment of the National Honor Society Monday, March 5th at 10am in the Hillcrest chapel.

The National Honor Society is a select group of achieving students who present themselves as leaders both in the classroom and in the hallways. Selected by their instructors, the NHS members must maintain an honorable GPA and lead with a Christ-like example in the hallways.

Hillcrest Academy will be Livestreaming the NHS induction ceremony on Monday, March 5th at 10am. To view it live, see the livestream website here:

College Corner

This week's College Corner outlines some key distinctives to make when looking at college options.

Private colleges that claim to be religious can be divided into two categories, Evangelical and non-Evangelical. Most Protestant colleges were evangelical at one time following their founding. However, many of said colleges began to treat the Scriptures liberally over their history and have lost a Biblical framework for the campus life, classroom instruction and administration selection. Many times administration claim to hold an Evangelical commitment, but it may not exist in a practical sense on the campus.

The word Evangelical refers to Protestants who are theologically orthodox in the sense that they accept the teachings of the early Christian creeds. Evangelicals, by definition, believe in the Trinity, Deity of Christ, the Incarnation, substitutionary Atonement, the bodily resurrection of Christ, justification by faith and other essential elements of historic Christianity. Using the Bible as their ultimate authority, Evangelicals have had a religious experience described as a conversion or being born again and are interested in leading others to the same kind of conversion experience. 

Most evangelical young people choose to enroll in an Evangelical Christian college. Their experiences are vast and varied. None should be surprised to hear that a college will have a different impact on a sampling of students. Some Christian students can walk into a barrage of anti-Christian sentiment and emerge with their faith intact, others sadly don't have the same experience. 

One question that must be addressed in deciding between an Evangelical Christian college and a secular institution is; will the best education be steeped in worldviews based on errors, or in a firm foundation that all knowledge and wisdom emanates from Jesus Christ? Can education without Christ at its center be coherent or consistent?

Parents and students should question students, instructors and administrators to ensure that the Christian sentiment expressed in an Evangelical Christian college's promotion material is actually lived out on-campus.

For more information, seek The Totally Usable Summit Ministries Guide to Choosing a College by Ronald Nash and J.F. Baldwin.

Around the Castle

Men's Dorm XBox Event
The Hillcrest Men's dorm will be coordinating a networked XBox tournament for students Friday, March 2nd at 11pm until the early morning Saturday, March 3rd.
Concert Choir Worship Experiences
The Hillcrest Concert Choir will be conducting a tour of worship services Sunday, March 4th beginning at 8am. 
NHS Induction Ceremony
Hillcrest Academy will recognize student achievement through the induction of the newest NHS members during an honored chapel service Monday, March 5th at 10am. The event will be livestreamed
End of 3rd Quarter
The final marking day for the 3rd Quarter ends Friday, March 9th. 
ACT Registration Deadline
The April 14th ACT test registration deadline is Friday, March 9th. To apply for the ACT test please click here>>