Parent Update 7/27/2012

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School Enrollment Paperwork
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HLA has begun live-streaming select games and other events. Visit

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Reason and Virtue in Education?

Chuck Colson is a hero to many of the faculty at Hillcrest Academy. His passion to address the needs of prisoners in correctional facilities around the world is Christ-like, and his drive to prepare a generation of thinkers who redeem culture is reminiscent of Paul in the Aeropagus. 

Join Principal Isaac in this week's Principal's Blog as he introduces the Trivium and how Hillcrest Academy prepares students to understand the world, reason with the world and engage the world through the education approach applied. 

President's Blog | Testimonies

Hillcrest celebrated the graduation of 47 seniors on the last weekend of May. Numerous video clips of student testimonies and reflections on their time at Hillcrest gave parents and guests a better look at how the Hillcrest experience had impacted their graduates. 

Visit the President's Blog to read more from the President and watch some of the testimonies made for graduation weekend.

College Corner

In this week's College Corner we encourage parents to begin talking with their students regarding how career and college relate. Here are a few tips and discussion starters that like to use as we interact with students on a daily basis. We hope you find them helpful:
• Talk about college regularly. Relate it to jobs, careers, school, sports, your life and the lives of other adults in your child’s life, etc.
• Ask them what they want to do when they grow up and relate that job or career to what they could study in college to do it.  Talk about jobs and careers as you interact with them in daily life.  When you go to the grocery store, you could talk about managing a grocery store or a farmer raising the produce or creating the advertisements you see on television;  if you are shopping for a new home, you could talk about building houses, or being a Realtor or an architect; driving in the car, you could talk about designing cars, building bridges or cleaning up the trash in the world by becoming an environmental scientist.  Students may not think past the checker or bagger they see at the grocery store, and may need a little more explanation to understand how other people and jobs fit into the picture.  It’s also a good time to clarify the difference between a job and a career. 
• Go to sporting events (yes, sports!) or cultural and educational activities on college campuses.  Plan to spend some extra time just wandering around campus while you’re there, especially when students are around.  Walk through buildings and the library, sit in a classroom, etc.  This gives your child a visual image to place themselves into, that will go with their ideas about college in their future. 

School Enrollment Paperwork

Every year families at Hillcrest update their contact information and permission forms. These forms are collected either before school or when the student arrives on-campus. We encourage families to download forms from our website here>>.

Families should take note of the established athletic registration process with Athletic Director Allen Aase prior to the first practice. Students will need to bring their completed MSHSL forms and pay the athletic fee. Athletic registration is held on Monday, August 13th following the listed schedule below:
  • Football: 9am
  • Women's Soccer: 1pm
  • Volleyball: 2pm
  • Men's Soccer: 3pm

Around the Castle

Enrollment Paperwork
Families need to complete some necessary paperwork as our offices work to register students for enrollment at Hillcrest Academy. Paperwork can be viewed and downloaded here>> Direct any questions or concerns to Wayne Stender (
Move-in Day Registration
Hillcrest staff are doing last-minute updates to the dormitory this week in anticipation for the school year. The staff would like to know when they should expect your student. Please complete the following registration to make them aware of your arrival. You can register painlessly here>>
Sports Week Registration
Students interested in participating in Hillcrest's sports week will need to register on Monday, Aug. 13th. Please see the HLA Athletics Page for details.
Spiritual Formations Week Speaker
Parents are encouraged to view a short video biography of our opening week speaker, Alex McFarland. View the video at our Campus Ministries Page.  
Parent Prayer 
Hillcrest Parents and Staff will be gathering on Monday, August 12th at 7pm in the Hillcrest Chapel to start the school year in Prayer. Get together's are communicated here>> Please email Wayne Stender with questions (

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