Parent Update 8/18/2012


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Live Streaming

Mark-up your calendar with the live-stream events starting with Hillcrest's Parents' Night:

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| The View of the Programmer

Opening a virtual world, the incredible video Sight portrays a modified life. Through the power of computer-aided contacts, Patrick participates with the physical world through a virtual lens. 

In this week's Principal's Blog you'll get to watch an innovative film put together by a design school in Isreal. Their presentation of the virtual world leads us to consider the Master Programmer, Jesus Christ who created mankind in His image to know Him and make Him known. The Principal's blog walks you through an overview of the film and sheds some light on Hillcrest's approach in giving students a Biblical perspective of God's designed world.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Each year the Hillcrest office is flooded with requests from parents to find-out how they can serve the school. This year a coordinated effort to plug parents into connected volunteer roles with the school has been initiated.

Wayne Stender has been working with a number of staff members to structure a number of opportunities for parents to support and encourage the ministry of Hillcrest Academy. Through communication with dormitory staff, a list of meaningful volunteer services has been created.

Parents interested in serving in volunteer roles are asked to email Wayne ( He will communicate some of the opportunities he has discovered after working to understand giftings and desired service of willing parents. 

We thank the supportive parents who continue to represent Christ to the ministry God has established at Hillcrest Academy. The partnership we have with families can only be created and sustained by the power of Christ through the ministry of the Gospel as parents join staff to be a channel of Christ to students.

Comet Store

The Hillcrest Academy Comet Store has new merchandise for the fall season. The store will be open at 4:30pm on Monday, August 21st.

We invite you to come in to check out the new store items as we gear-up for another year at Hillcrest Academy.

College Corner

This week's College Corner discusses payment plans and options for families as they look forward to the expense of college. We highlight a savings and planning option known as the 529 Plan.

A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution to help families set aside future college costs. The plan is named 529 because it falls under Section 529 in the Internal Revenue Code which created these types of savings plans in 1996. 

529 plans are usually categorized as either prepaid or savings plans. If families elect the savings plan option, they will see their investment work much like a 401K or IRA. Contributions will be matched into mutual funds or similar investments, indicating that the account will fluctuate depending on the performance of the particular option selected. If families elect the prepaid option, all or part of their costs will be prepaid to the in-state or out-of-state college they select. The Private College 529 Plan is a separate prepaid plan for private colleges. 

There are two ways to invest in a 529 Plan. Families can do so through a direct 529 Plan manager or through a financial advisor.

Around the Castle

Enrollment Paperwork
Families need to complete some necessary paperwork as our offices work to register students for enrollment at Hillcrest Academy. Paperwork can be viewed and downloaded here>> Direct any questions or concerns to Wayne Stender (
Move-in Day Registration
Hillcrest staff are gearing-up for the final students' arrival to the Castle. The staff would like to know when they should expect your student. Please complete the following registration form to make them aware of your arrival. You can register here>>. Download a dorm packing list here>>
Spiritual Formations Week Speaker
Parents are encouraged to view a short video biography of our opening week speaker, Alex McFarland. Alex will be sharing with the parents during the opening picnic aswell as during a Community gathering on Wednesday, August 22nd at 8pm. Please bring your friends to the Community gathering and view Alex's promo video at the Campus Ministries Page
 Parent Prayer 
Hillcrest Parents and Staff will be gathering on Sunday, August 19th in the Hillcrest Chapel to start the school year in Prayer. Another Parent Prayer option is scheduled for Wednesdays from 8:30-9:15am beginning Wednesday, August 29th. Get together's are communicated here>> Please email Wayne Stender with questions (
 Campus Activities
Sunday, August 26th the student body will be traveling to Glendalough State Park for an afternoon outing. Anyone is welcomed to attend this event from 2-7pm. Students should register for the bus in the Comet Cafe before Wednesday, August 22nd. Parents are welcome to drive to the park to attend the event. Any questions should be directed to Wayne Stender (

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