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August 3 2012

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The Aim

Students operate in a world of constant communication with very little time to process what is happening around them. One of the classes taught at Hillcrest is Worldview. In this week's Principal's blog Mr. Isaac introduces the executive director John Stonestreet as Mr. Stonestreet leads a class of students through one of the sections on postmodernism. You'll get a chance to hear why students say they received so much more than a diploma at Hillcrest Academy.

President's Blog | Capital Campaign

In this week's President's Blog Mr. Brue talks about the Capital Campaign at Hillcrest Academy that will greatly improve the classroom section's learning atmosphere. Hear how the campaign is doing and watch a short highlight video of students in the classroom. You'll get a feel for how Hillcrest gives families so much more than a diploma on graduation day.

Move-In Time

Moving into the dorms can be an exciting time for both parents and students. Many time families grow stressed during this time as they think about packing and moving students for an entire year. 

Shopping can be done in Fergus Falls, with the Resident Life Staff initiating trips to Wal-mart and Target stores for students to purchase essentials. These trips occur weekly throughout the school year as students travel via school bus.

For families traveling with their students a list of essentials can be found here>> For any other move-in information please contact Craig Nersten (, Resident Life Director.

College Corner

In this week's College Corner we share some basics regarding college campus visits. 

Visiting a college is one of the most exciting and informative processes in choosing post-secondary education. It's best to visit colleges before applications are due. This enables a confident decision that the colleges your student is applying to are places they would like to be. 

A great time to start looking at colleges is in the fall semester of a student's Junior year. Traditionally college visits are planned for the spring semester of a student's Junior year through the fall semester of a student's senior year. Most colleges have application deadlines of November of a student's senior year.

It's best to visit a college when school is in session. A visit when school is in session allows parents and students to see day-today activities and understand the overall climate of the school.

It's best to plan a college visit well ahead of time. When visiting, prospective families want to ensure they can see coaches, teachers and spend valuable time with the financial aid and admissions department. Families should try to schedule personal meetings with staff members in the department the student would like to enroll into. This means that visits should be scheduled Monday-Thursday, as Fridays are often difficult days to track-down faculty and staff for informative meetings.

High school holidays that fall on Mondays are great opportunities to schedule college visits. College classes don't meet during a Reading Period, Exam weeks or Saturdays and Sundays. One should also avoid trying to schedule college visits over Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas week, winter and spring breaks and summer. Usually admissions offices are too busy to meet with students in April and May, so it is best to avoid those months for an intentional college visit.

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Enrollment Paperwork
Families need to complete some necessary paperwork as our offices work to register students for enrollment at Hillcrest Academy. Paperwork can be viewed and downloaded here>> Direct any questions or concerns to Wayne Stender (
Move-in Day Registration
Hillcrest staff are doing last-minute updates to the dormitory this week in anticipation for the school year. The staff would like to know when they should expect your student. Please complete the following registration to make them aware of your arrival. You can register here>>. Download a dorm packing list here>>
Sports Week Registration
Students interested in participating in Hillcrest's sports week will need to register on Monday, Aug. 13th. Please see the HLA Athletics Page for details.
Spiritual Formations Week Speaker
Parents are encouraged to view a short video biography of our opening week speaker, Alex McFarland. View the video at our Campus Ministries Page.  
Parent Prayer 
Hillcrest Parents and Staff will be gathering on Monday, August 12th at 7pm in the Hillcrest Chapel to start the school year in Prayer. Get together's are communicated here>> Please email Wayne Stender with questions (

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