Parent Update 12/28/2012


Skyler Ruf has an interesting perspective of Hillcrest Academy. Check out his testimony on our Senior Testimonies Page. Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Live Streaming

January 10th is the first LiveStream session after the new year. To check out the schedule visit

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A Historical Lesson Revisited

This week's Principal's Blog is a re-posting of a classroom session Gregg Preston conducted with his Advanced Placement class last year. I was reminded of this blog post and class as I thought of the historical significance of the birth of Christ and the bravery of the men and women surrounding the historical occurrence. Enjoy this re-posting as we look forward to students returning to Hillcrest and continuing their Biblically-based Christ-centered education.

Inspiration Point Winter Weekend

Winter can be a time of renewal and reflection for many students at Hillcrest. We are excited to partner with Inspiration Point Bible Camp (IPBC) in directing your students to know Christ and make him known.

We would like to communicate to your family an opportunity in February for your student to attend a weekend camp at IPBC in February where they will be directed to think deep and meaningful thoughts about who God is and what He has done for them.

Please visit the Inspiration Point Bible Camp website for more information regarding Winter Weekend. 

President's Blog

Music Directors David Strom and Steve Doering provide a wonderful community Christmas event each year using the talents of Hillcrest high school vocalists and instrumentalists. President Brue speaks of the commitment from the Hillcrest Music Department while also updating you on Hillcrest's college preparation and growing enrollment as we enter 2013. 

We encourage you to read a brief summary of events during this Christmas holiday at the President's Blog.

College Corner

In this week's College Corner we encourage parents to begin talking with their students regarding how career and college relate. Here are a few tips and discussion starters that like to use as we interact with students on a daily basis. We hope you find them helpful:
• Talk about college regularly. Relate it to jobs, careers, school, sports, your life and the lives of other adults in your child’s life, etc.
• Ask them what they want to do when they grow up and relate that job or career to what they could study in college to do it.  Talk about jobs and careers as you interact with them in daily life.  When you go to the grocery store, you could talk about managing a grocery store or a farmer raising the produce or creating the advertisements you see on television;  if you are shopping for a new home, you could talk about building houses, or being a Realtor or an architect; driving in the car, you could talk about designing cars, building bridges or cleaning up the trash in the world by becoming an environmental scientist.  Students may not think past the checker or bagger they see at the grocery store, and may need a little more explanation to understand how other people and jobs fit into the picture.  It’s also a good time to clarify the difference between a job and a career. 

• Go to sporting events (yes, sports!) or cultural and educational activities on college campuses.  Plan to spend some extra time just wandering around campus while you’re there, especially when students are around.  Walk through buildings and the library, sit in a classroom, etc.  This gives your child a visual image to place themselves into, that will go with their ideas about college in their future. 

Around the Castle

School Offices Closed 
Hillcrest's offices are closed December 31st and January 1st in observance of New Years. Any communication should be directed either by email at or phone at 218.739.3371.
Dormitories Open
The dormitories open at 3pm on Sunday, January 5th. The Norwegian students also arrive in the evening of January 5th. Students are invited to visit the dormitories to greet their friends as they look forward to second semester.
Second Semester Classes Begin
Classes will start on Monday, January 7th. 
Register for ACT
The Feb. 9th test for the ACT has a scheduled registration deadline of January 11th. Families are encouraged to register at the ACT Website.


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