Parent Update 1/11/2013


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Chickenpox Case
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Boys Basketball has a Livestream game this Thursday. Visit

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Lighting a Candle for Newtown

Light a candle outside a movie theatre. That was author and speaker Eric Metaxas' suggestion to call America to what movie goers of Django Unchained and Texas Chainsaw 3-D are supporting. Many attending Django and Texas Chainsaw probably don' t think they're supporting violence, like that found at the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, but attending the film sure isn't a stand for the lives of those lost.

This week's Principal's Blog brings to the light the challenges of violent films and how the human brain is impacted through pathways created by what is seen and done throughout daily life. We encourage you to view the video above and start conversations in your circles of influence on this topic.

Chickenpox Case Identified at HLA

This past week, the Hillcrest administration emailed you regarding a student that had come down with a case of chickenpox.  The Minnesota Department of Health will offer a special Chickenpox vaccination clinic for our student body. To find out more regarding this offering please read a letter to parents posted on the Principal's Blog.

Excitement at HLA

The halls were bustling this week after an appreciated Christmas vacation. Many students were asked what they were excited for as the new school year started. Check out their comments in the ONE WORD segment.

IPBC Winter Weekend

Registration deadlines are closing in for Inspiration Point Bible Camp's Winter Weekend. A great weekend spent with friends, the camp also provides a fantastic retreat for students to think about big questions and issues in life.

The speaker this year is Pastor Jason Lang. He plans to conduct a number of question-and-answer sessions geared for the high school students to process some of God's Truth in a world that pushes faith and religon to the curb. 

If you'd like more information regarding the camp, and to register, please visit IPBC's website.

College Corner

This week's College Corner discusses payment plans and options for families as they look forward to the expense of college. We highlight a savings and planning option known as the 529 Plan.

A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution to help families set aside future college costs. The plan is named 529 because it falls under Section 529 in the Internal Revenue Code which created these types of savings plans in 1996. 

529 plans are usually categorized as either prepaid or savings plans. If families elect the savings plan option, they will see their investment work much like a 401K or IRA. Contributions will be matched into mutual funds or similar investments, indicating that the account will fluctuate depending on the performance of the particular option selected. If families elect the prepaid option, all or part of their costs will be prepaid to the in-state or out-of-state college they select. The Private College 529 Plan is a separate prepaid plan for private colleges. 

There are two ways to invest in a 529 Plan. Families can do so through a direct 529 Plan manager or through a financial advisor.

Around the Castle

Disco Dodgeball Dorm Event
Friday, January 11th at 9pm in the Main Building Gymnasium the annual Disco Dodgeball tournament will occur for all high school students.
Saturday Morning Comet Camp POSTPONED
Due to incliment weather, the start of Saturday Morning Comet Camp is postponed from Saturday, January 12th to Saturday, January 19th starting at 9am in the New Gym. For more info on the camp please visit the Comet Camp Page on the Hillcrest website. 
Vaccination Clinic
A Chickenpox (Varicella) vaccination clinic has been scheduled for Monday, January 14th. For more information please read the Principal's letter regarding the clinic.

Comet Athletics
The Comet Basketball teams play Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. Check out the schedule and make plans to cheer them on through the Comet Practice Schedule.  
X-Box Night
Saturday, January 19th the boys dorm will host an X-box night beginning at 9pm. Contact Craig Nersten ( for details.