Parent Update 2/1/2013


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Preston on the DR
Students Represent HLA
Hillcrest Connection
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Who Determines Your Value?

"No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life." Those were the words spoken by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs at a Stanford commencement. The innovative leader lost a battle with cancer years following his comment about "the best invention of life".

The most awkward reality of Jobs' comments is the complete utilitarian view of life. It is a dangerous idea that has created inhumane results. The video above is a short snippet from John Stonestreet on the reality of Euthanasia in our society. The video and a short commentary on the right to life debate are part of the Principal's Blog this week.

Dominican Trip Explained to Local Service Group

Gregg Preston led a group of students in recalling some of the opportunities and growth that occurred on the Dominican Republic trip to a group of local service people. The Kiwanis service group has a great appreciation and love for Hillcrest faculty. You'll understand why they're so appreciative of the staff and faculty at Hillcrest as you listen to Mr. Preston's explanation of the Dominican Mission trip.

To watch the video, please visit the Campus Ministries Blog.

Students Represent Hillcrest at Kiwanis Group

Jaron Olsoe, Taylor Filippini and Skyler Ruf joined Key Club President Kathleen Martinson for a presentation of the Dominican mission trip to Kiwanis. Kiwanis is a local service group made of local business leaders who seek to support the local community by providing resources for students to succeed. 

Hillcrest's Key Club leadership had the opportunity to present a number of schools and organizations to the service group in a call of partnership in supporting students in the Dominican Republic. Many members of Kiwanis commented on the ability of Hillcrest students to communicate their passion and desire to be servants in the world. 

We invite you to watch their 2 minute testimonies of the Dominican Republic mission experience and hear how they have been rejuvinated to live a life of significance. 

Hillcrest Connection

One way Hillcrest seeks to communicate to it's constituency is through the Hillcrest Connection. The Connection is full of stories from around the campus and details some of the exciting things that God has done and is continuing to do at Hillcrest.

To read the most recent issue please visit the Hillcrest Connection Page on Hillcrest's website.

Around the Castle

Busy Basketball Week 
The Boys play Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday, while the girls play Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Game times are listed on the Comet Practice Schedule.
Super Bowl Party
The Dorms will host a Super Bowl Party Sunday, February 3rd at 4pm for high school students. For more informaiton contact Craig Nersten (
AMC Math Test
The Mathematical Assoc. of America employs a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examination for secondary schools as part of a Math contest to spur interest and develop talent. The Math test will occur at Hillcrest Tuesday, February 5th at 1:30pm.
Nordic Ski Conference Meet
The Cross-Country Ski Team will conduct the conference meet at Spidahl's Ski Guard on Friday, February 8th.
Dorm Praise and Worship
The Dorms are hosting a Praise and Worship night on Saturday, February 9th at 10pm. The night includes a sermon, worship and time of prayer and reflection. The worship time should conclude at approx. 12am
BroomBall Tourney
A Broomball court is prepped and prime for the Broomball Tournament Sunday, Feb. 10th. The festivities plan to kick-off at 2pm behind the dormitory on the sandpit volleyball court.
IPBC Winter Weekend
Inspiration Point Bible Camp is hosting their annual Winter Weekend February 15-17. For more information please visit IPBC's website.