Parent Update | August 23 2013


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Principal's Desk
Senior Testimony
President's Blog
• ValleyFair Trip
Classroom Update
• Around the Castle

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Starting the Conversation

Many students at Hillcrest have meaningful conversations with instructors and mentors throughout the year. Sometimes the conversation is initiated by an instructor inviting students to think deeply about a topic they may have deemed taboo. 

In the Principal's Blog this week you will Principal Isaac begin the conversation regarding one of the most challenging topics in the lives of students. The Creation vs. Evolution debate has deterred many students interested in higher academic pursuits away from believing the validity and truth of the Bible. Principal Isaac has introduced this topic with confidence at the start of the school year and we invite you to view one of the many ways we have started the year addressing big ideas.

Senior Testimonies

Jason You met Jesus at Hillcrest. His faith has continued to be a central part of his identity. Watch his chapel testimony from Friday's chapel to hear how God has revealed himself to Jason in a powerful way, preparing Jason for a life of significance.

You can watch the video at on our Campus Ministries Blog.

The President's Desk

President Brue spent time with students during the first week of school. His introductory message on the school theme brought clarity and focus for many students as they seek to understand what they will receive during their time at Hillcrest Academy.

We invite you to view President Brue's message for the student in the entry of this week's President's Blog.

ValleyFair Outing 

Students are gearing up for an exciting day at Valleyfair amusement park on Sunday, September 1st. The highschool outing involves a full-day spent at the amusement park, an afternoon lunch and an opportunity to cool off at the outdoor water park. 

The cost for the event is $50. Students interested in attending may sign-up with the Resident Staff in the Comet Cafe this week. The group will load the buses beginning at 5:30am with an expected departure at 6am. Families can expect students to arrive back to Hillcrest between 9-10pm. 

Classroom Update

Students were able to experience the new classroom section during the first day of classes this past Wednesday. With finishing touches going into the complete overhaul of the classroom section, students have enjoyed the new air conditioning system along with the updated science laboratory and enhanced classrooms. 

The hall noise is significantly reduced due to a number of acoustic treatments including a new floor, carpet, sound absorbing ceiling panels and new doors and windows in the hallway. The classrooms have also been treated for noise, enabling more focused attention by students. The exterior walls have been rebuilt to include insulation which will help with classroom temperature as well as reduce sound reverberation between classrooms.

The finishing touches on the classroom section include additional furniture, computer equipment and white boards. The final pieces are expected in the early part of September. We are inviting all families and supporters of Hillcrest Academy to attend an open house during the homecoming weekend. Future communication will address the details on the time and other details dealing with the open house. 

Around the Castle

Sports Activities
The Football team heads to a scrimmage Saturday while the Soccer and Volleyball teams gear up for competition Monday, Tuesday and Friday before the Football team's end-cap game on Friday the 30th. Visit the Athletic Page to see the full schedule of practice and games.
Sand-Pit Volleyball Tournament
Saturday the dormitories will host a volleyball tournament for high school students. The tournament will begin at 2pm with teams being formed at the court, separating local, on-campus and international students evenly among the teams.
High School Valley Fair Trip
The high school will travel to a local amusement park on Sunday, September 1st. The cost for the trip is $50 which includes transportation, a lunch meal and the park pass including a pass to the waterpark. Students may sign-up for the trip in the Comet Cafe during the school day. 
Labor Day Campus Picnic
The dormitory is hosting a special Campus Picnic on Monday, Sept. 2nd from 1-6pm. Off-campus high school students are invited to join the activities in the afternoon. Interested students should show-up to the dormitory by 1pm to get their name on the list for the contests. If students would like to have dinner in the dorm they will need to sign-up and pay $5 for the meal in the Comet Cafe this week.
Dorm Shopping Trip to West Acres
The dormitory is planning a shopping trip to the Fargo Mall on Saturday, September 14th from 3-10pm. Off-campus High school students may sign-up for the trip in the Comet Cafe. There is a fee to cover the cost of transportation. More details regarding the fee will come in later parent communication.


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