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Students Gain More Than Test Scores in Class
Golf Team is Finding Success
Science Classes Teach Special Skills
Restoration Perspective Emerges in Chapel in Wake of Community Deaths

I am writing this week to communicate some exciting things the Lord is doing on campus of your school. I am starting to see how God is positioning Hillcrest to have a significant influence not only on our students but on the world as a whole.

I was able to substitute teach for Gregg Preston this week. In my time in Gregg’s class I was amazed to discover what the students were doing. You’ll be able to read about it below, but I was so encouraged to see how our students are not only learning the facts of history, but they’re able to engage in productive debate using facts and logic in a respectful manner. Their conversations, arguments, and debate was incredibly winsome. I hope you find the story below about our history program uplifting.


In addition to this I was able to look at a Master’s thesis from Cody Joy, a Hillcrest grad from 2011. I say “look at” because as I leafed through it, I realized it was way beyond my comprehension! He wrote his thesis on a non-invasive cancer detection device to be used in third world scenarios. Cody found a love for science in Mr. Jahr’s classes. This inspiration is continuing to be disseminated from Mr. Jahr through our engineering and environmental science programs. You’ll read about our engineering course below, where the students built a three foot 3D printer using two of Hillcrest’s other 3D printers to make parts. You should know that Mr. Jahr’s class has fixed a few things in the school through the 3D printers. We have saved some money on coffee pots because Mr. Jahr’s class has coded and printed parts for the Keurig and air pot in the faculty workroom. I think you’ll enjoy the story below about how students are being discipled to solve real problems in their engineering class.


You’ll also have a chance to read about our restart with the golf program. I heard this week that coach Eric Ewan is coaching his players to approach golf with a conservative mind, knowing that if they do the little things and hit the ball consistently into places they know they can, that good things happen. I heard that one player was down on himself after one of the meets this week, saying he didn’t play a great round of golf because he took too many strokes on the green. The player then confessed that the score was his best of his life, despite his feeling he didn’t hit well on the green. Isn’t that like life for many of us? We get distracted by not hitting the big shots while we are consistent with the small things that are foundational parts of life. I want to visit the team to give them a perspective that this is true with their devotional and prayer life. Consistently hitting those seemingly insignificant shots in routine time in the Word and in prayer will lead them to do significant things in the Lord’s timing.


Last you’ll hear a message that was very profound and timely for our chapel program. Pete Narvesen recently lost his father to cancer. Pastor Ken Narvesen was a consistent voice for Biblical truth in our synod. I attended his funeral and I have to say, it was more of a church and worship service than a time mourning the life of Ken Narvesen. That said, Pete delivered a powerful perspective as we tie up our chapel theme, focusing now on the restoration. I hope you’ll take some time and watch the video of the chapel service.


As you can see, God is doing some incredible things in your school that are very formational for our students. When you support Hillcrest you’re giving a vote of confidence in what God is doing in your school. Thank you for your continued prayers, comments, and financial support. We’ll be wrapping up our fiscal year in June and while we are not in a comfortable spot financially, we are growing more and more confident and secure in the Lord’s provision.

Brad Hoganson | President

Students Gain More Than Test Scores in History Class

Many history courses are wrapping-up their Contemporary American History sections outlining recent conflicts. These courses are covering the background, political players, and repercussions of war and social conflicts. Where student's pencils feverishly take notes on the history in preparing for the test, Hillcrest's history class is in debate mode, unveiling the result of Hillcrest's educational approach. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE>>



Golf Finding Success

Hillcrest relaunched their golf program this year and the students are finding significant success. This week the boys team placed second, with John Vall taking home first place in the Pebble Lake Golf meet. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE>>


Engineering Progress

Students in Hillcrest's robotics class have accomplished a lot this year. They built a 3D printer using the school's two other 3D printers. They've programed boards and soldered connections to make a device that levitates objects. Now they are working on their final, a robotic chess board. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE>>


Restoration Perspective

The Hillcrest community has lost a number of supporters, friends, and family over the past few weeks. In the wake of these passings, Pete Narvesen, the boys resident life director, addressed chapel to give a redemptive and restorative perspective that is found only in Jesus Christ. WATCH PETE'S MESSAGE HERE>>
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