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Over the past year I’ve seen the power a Christian education has on students. I have my own experience that I think is a strong testimony to what God does inside classrooms that communicate a Biblical perspective, but seeing it happen in my own home and with our students is incredibly powerful.

This week I had a conversation with a family from the East Coast who were visiting a friend from their home church. The father sat in my office and was very impressed after spending time with Principal Isaac and receiving a tour of our school. He heard a great presentation of our program, having a tangible explanation of how the Bible is used in every department. He was in my office because he wanted to learn more about Hillcrest and our mission and vision and learn how he can support us.

What the gentleman heard is summed up in the video update by Principal Isaac this week. He heard our core values, and in stopping to peek in to nearly every classroom at Hillcrest, he heard how we approach English, History, Mathematics, and Science to drive students to conviction that God is real and personal. Principal Isaac is directing our incredibly talented staff to ensure that the Biblical perspective comes through loud and clear in their classrooms. It’s a perspective that I’m finding isn’t encouraged in our culture. I am honored to be a part of a ministry that is so passionate to communicate the Gospel through education. Your students are receiving a life changing and eternally significant education.

I was reminded of the life change that happens after Dawn Synstelien sent out an email to our staff on Friday. She is working to connect with our recent graduates from the class of 2018. I’m told one of the young men who started attending Hillcrest his sophomore year grew a new understanding of what it meant to live for Christ at Hillcrest. This young man told Dawn, “I really do remember how I was before Hillcrest changed me into a whole new person which I am so happy about! And will never forget!” Another graduate wrote, “I was recently reminded that even though I've graduated and I'm no longer in Hillcrest I still carry the same mission that I had while I was a Hillcrest student. Even though the school is located in a relatively insignificant town, I think this mission is some form of ubiquity which students enter and leave the school to be spread all over as the light & the salt for the world. I will continue to grow in my faith during this transition time and will look forward to the day where I'll get to visit the school again!” God does special things at your school.

I pray this update finds you well. We wrapped up our first week of classes on Friday and are looking forward to the weekend of rest. I am visiting the East Coast in October, looking to venture to the West Coast in November. If you would like to grab coffee and hear some more stories from your school, please let me know. I’d love to visit you when I’m in the area.


Grace and Peace!

Brad Hoganson


Principal's Update

Principal Isaac shares about the first week of school at Hillcrest. He unpacked how the staff and faculty participating in the Colson Fellows program fits within Hillcrest's core values. WATCH THE PRINCIPAL's UPDATE HERE>>



Hillcrest students saw the uniqueness of classrooms in the Castle. One student raises her hand. She transferred to Hillcrest from a school in New York. "I am really interested in the Iranian issue. We studied that a little bit at my former school, and I'm wanting to learn more about it." A student from Norway looks back and nods. Norway is closer to Iran, and the issue is impacting Europe in greater affect. In front of the girl from Norway sits a student from Wisconsin. Next to him is a student from Africa. The myriad of cultures in the class will likely open lively debate and shed light on how the world engages in different social issues. Welcome to Hillcrest Academy. READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>



Slip-N-Slide Highlight

Students are enjoying their activities outside of school, where they're connecting with new friends. Last week students engaged afternoon events that opened doors for laughter and built memories that carried them into the first week of school. WATCH THE SLIP-N-SLIDE HIGHLIGHT HERE>>


Principal Shares Story

Principal Isaac closed Welcome Week with a personal testimony of God's work in his life. In sharing his story, Principal Isaac opened some ways the school theme is directing his attention as he continues to seek the Lord's will for his life and for the school. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE>>


Student Orientation

Each year students are carried through orientation in their first hours in the Castle. Hillcrest has all students, returning and new, attend orientation to help unify the school under the procedures and policies of Hillcrest Academy. WATCH A SNIPPET FROM ORIENTATION HERE>>
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