Foreign Language Courses


A first level course, no pre-requisite is required.  The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the French language through everyday situations in which they practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading French.


Pre-Requisite: French 1

A second level course.  Students must have taken French 1 or an equivalent course.  The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to further study the French language, increase vocabulary and improve listening and reading comprehension.



Pre-Requisite: 2 years of German study, or the consent of the instructor.

This course focus on deepening the students’ knowledge and understanding of German-speaking peoples and their culture. Students master fundamental grammar points and build on that foundation to increase their abilities to understand written and spoken German.  This course uses news, current events, songs, and other media in German to expose students to German as it is used today.  Students are also encouraged to explore areas of personal interest.



During one semester in 7th grade and one in 8th, the students are introduced to the study of foreign language along with the study of a bit of Latin.  Students learn many important Latin phrases which have been incorporated into the English language (think words or phrases like rigor mortis or quid pro quo).  They also learn grammar terms and practices such as conjugation, declension etc.(et cetera is a Latin term!) as well as some vocabulary as they study some basic Latin. Since Latin is the source of Romance languages as well as much of English these courses help students succeed in language classes later in their high school career.


This first level course has no prerequisite. Students will learn to communicate in both written and oral Spanish in the present tense. Time is spent acquiring very useful vocabulary in categories such as numbers, colors, common verbs, body parts etc. Basic grammar is learned but the focus is on fluency not grammatical perfection. Actions, songs, storytelling, games, grammar exercises, guided conversations and the use of Spanish Psalms or other Bible selections are some of the means used to learn the language.


Pre-Requisite: Spanish 1

In this course students build on what they learned in Spanish 1, refining and amplifying their reading and communication skills. A study of the gospel of John in Spanish is an integral part of the class. Focus is on the past and future tenses of verbs as well as common categories of vocabulary.


Pre-Requisite: Spanish 1 and 2

The grammar and vocabulary of the first two years are reviewed and strengthened.  The goal is to move away from translation or English explanations and rather use previously acquired Spanish to define vocabulary and build comprehension.  According to the progress of the students some authentic (real life as compared to language course) Spanish literature is used.