Dear Friends of Hillcrest,

Walking up the front steps of the Castle with a couple of suitcases and boxes, I was unsure what I would encounter as I joined the class of 1984. While that was over three decades ago, in many ways it feels like yesterday. 

When I speak with our current students, I hear again and again that the maturity and conviction in the Lord that began in me as a student at Hillcrest is beautifully similar to what so many are experiencing still today, echoing the testimony of hundreds of students over Hillcrest’s century-long ministry. God continues to be at work in the lives of those who are here.

As I write this, I am reflecting back a few days to Homecoming weekend, when I was installed as President of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. What an exciting and humbling privilege: to have a role in leading my alma mater, where new generations of students come to know the life-changing power of the Gospel as they live and learn in a community of Christian education.

The theme verse for the Homecoming weekend was 

I have chosen the way of faithfulness;I set your rules before me. I cling to your testimonies, O Lord; let me not be put to shame! I will run in the way of your commandments for
— Psalm 119:30-32

Running in freedom is such a beautiful picture of life in the Gospel! It was at Hillcrest that I learned to run in freedom: free to love others, free to serve the Lord with my life, and free to share the Good News of salvation and reconciliation with those around me.

The Hillcrest experience is a unique and wonderful opportunity for families. Students encounter the transforming power of the Gospel. Lifelong friends are made, and faith is strengthened in classrooms, dorm life, chapel, and the various activities that make up the Hillcrest experience.

Many of our students are here because of the generosity of the Hillcrest family who financiallysupport the school, and I am writing in humility to say thank you. I’ve included a story of a current student who is here today because people like you have paved the way!

I’m also aware of families who desire the Hillcrest experience for their child, but find the full financial investment to be out of reach. I want to invite you to partner with us in supporting the Hillcrest Fund, which subsidizes tuition nearly $2,500 for each North American student. This Fund includes a special scholarship we can use to bridge the gap for families who are unable to make ends meet for their student to attend Hillcrest.

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity.

Thank you for making this Christian education opportunity accessible for more students. I invite you to read a story of one of our students below.

Grace and peace,

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Trevor Antuna Giving Website Bio.jpg

“My relationship with Christ has always been important to me, and I’ve always tried to use my own faith to impact others at school, but it’s difficult when your school life is so different from your home life.”

Trevor Antuña’s favorite part of growing up in East Hartland, Connecticut was the close-knit community. It felt like the whole town went to the same church, and all of his friends went to the same youth group. He felt confident in his faith because it was prominent in every part of his life. 

When the time came to go to high school, he ventured to the public school in a nearby town. Trevor made friends quickly, but found that his school was very different from what he was used to, and very few people shared his faith. 

Trevor tried to balance the two drastically different environments of church and school by using every opportunity he could to spread the love of Christ and Word of God. He felt like he was still missing something, and after talking to his older sister about what she’d found at Hillcrest, he knew: a closer relationship with Jesus.

Having met staff and students from Hillcrest at Tuscarora Teen Week, Trevor decided to attend, hoping that he would grow in his own walk with Christ, like his sister had. Since his arrival in August, Trevor says the most impactful part of Hillcrest has been time in community in the Word of God. “There are people at Hillcrest from all over the world who know Christ the way I do. It just proves that Christ is all-powerful, and there is nowhere that God can’t reach.”

Watch A Testimony From Trevor

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Club Giving

You can help support the annual fund of Hillcrest Academy by joining one of the giving clubs at the $120, $500, $1000 $2500, $5000 or $10000 level.

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Why support Hillcrest Academy as a club member?

Club members become partners in the ministry of Hillcrest Academy by helping to support the school's annual operational budget. As a result, they assist in keeping tuition rates low, making a Hillcrest education attainable for more students. Additionally, member support helps to secure Hillcrest's financial foundation into the future, ensuring that it will remain able to provide quality, Christian education for years to come. There is no limit to the term of your enrollment provided your continued desire to participate in the club each year. As personal circumstances change, club members may opt to move up to a new giving level.

Every club member will enjoy the following annual benefits:

  • Be listed as a Club member in the HLA Annual Report and every issue of the Hillcrest Connection.
  • Club memberships above the 120 level receive a Season Pass for home sporting events each year the club membership amount is received.

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HLA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Established

A scholarship endowment to assist students has been established. Reunion classes have opportunity to contribute to this endowment. This endowment will be supported by HLA alumni, with scholarships from this endowment to be awarded. Thank you to all alumni classes who will contribute to this very worthy cause.