From President Brad

Hillcrest Homecoming Weekend is a special part of the life of our school and has been a long time tradition since 1933!  We invite you to come back to Hillcrest for our 86th Homecoming Week Monday, September 23 through Saturday 28, 2019.

We will one again be hosting Hillcrest Giving Day on Friday, September 27. You may give by phone or mail, denoting your gift for the Giving Day. You may also give on Friday through the link above..

All gifts received will help support the Hillcrest Fund. The Hillcrest fund is a multifaceted fund at Hillcrest. It supports teachers, enables faculty and dormitory staff training, provides a series of scholarships that help families bridge financial gaps beyond Hillcrest’s endowments, and many other character and faith building essentials we employ at Hillcrest. It is a general fund that bridges the gap where tuition dollars end, enabling Hillcrest to keep tuition affordable for all students while also enhancing the overall program we’re called to provide in building faith, developing intellect, and strengthening the character of our student body. Thank you for joining us on this day, raising funds to enable faith, intellect, and character training for Hillcrest students.


Zoey Sing.JPG

Zoey Schweitzer builds leading skills

Zoey Schweitzer graduated from Hillcrest in May 2014. A lot of seed fell on Zoey’s heart during the two years she was a teacher’s assistant in Wayne Stender’s mentor marketing classroom. This is where she first fell in love with photography and videography, and was taught valuable information about branding and marketing - which is how she currently makes a living as a freelance photographer in Minneapolis. Similarly, Hillcrest provided opportunities for Zoey to lead worship in chapel, helping her to recognize,

[This is] what I now know is my main life calling and what God placed me on the earth to do for the Kingdom and His glory.

While photography is Zoey’s bread and butter, leading worship is her calling. She is on the worship team at Substance Church in Minneapolis and is also involved in a para-church worship ministry called Grace House - which a friend launched from Zoey’s living room. The two friends invited others to join them for a couple hours of worship, to simply bask in the presence of the Lord and let His spirit do the moving - and 30 people showed up. The next time, there were 65 and they realized it needed to be held elsewhere. After seven meetings, 220 people were crowding together and they’re searching for a venue big enough to hold everyone. Grace House is fully believing to see Minneapolis return to Jesus Christ.


Martin Hagen commits to serving

The envelope holding Martin’s acceptance letter from Hillcrest was torn in half, an apt picture of how he tore away from conflict in his home church to pull out a new promising experience at Hillcrest in 2010. God used Martin’s time at Hillcrest for more than a reprieve from conflict. There were specific gift sets God developed in Martin during his ten months in the Castle with his friends from his youth group.

To get a year away from the church and come back with a new perspective and new fire definitely had a part in playing us (sic) to stay and be faithful in our church.

While Martin experienced the stretching atmosphere of the dormitory he continued developing his music writing and worship leading. “The wheels started spinning. “Doing worship on a weekly basis (in chapel at Hillcrest) and doing other worship nights brought us closer to God and made us go forward with what we had been receiving in school. We did a worship night at the gym.” Songs the worship team wrote became favorites in guiding the Hillcrest student body to the cross in worship. The team wrote a song called Colors and For Us. They led the worship sets during prayer day. Hillcrest became a training ground for the student’s who were preparing to catapult back into a conflict they left back home. But, they felt prepared for the conversations they would have with church leadership because of what God was doing in their hearts during their time at Hillcrest. “That was a very special time, because the presence of God was intense.”

Martin is continuing his service in ministry to his church. The worship team formed at Hillcrest has morphed into a worship band that travels in Norway to lead at youth camps and in revival settings. They have released a number of albums, using various social media channels to connect with youth around the world.