Hayley Filippini Memorial Endowment

Hayley said Hillcrest was her favorite place to be in the entire world. During her two years at Hillcrest she made countless friends and directed hundreds to Jesus through her testimony. Hayley passed away December 9, 2016 after a battle with cancer. Her classmates created a named endowment to remember Hayley, someone who loved Hillcrest, by providing an opportunity for others to attend through financial scholarship.

Hayley Filippini
Memorial Endowment

Hayley continuously gave testimonies of the love of Jesus Christ.

Student Testimonies / Endowment explained

Hayley left a significant mark on her friends and classmates during her two years at Hillcrest. Her personality and genuine love for Jesus made an impact that isn't forgotten. Consider joining those who knew her well to fund an endowment to make Hillcrest a reality for others.

Hayley's testimony

Hear how close Hayley was to Jesus, how her heart was molded by her relationship to Christ, and how her words compelled her brothers and sisters to greater faith in Jesus Christ.