Crossing Cultures and Finding Christ

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Despite heartache and questions, Han Gao found comfort and peace by studying the Bible and establishing a family at Hillcest Academy.

Born and raised in China, Han had a different upbringing than most of his western friends. Han had no opportunity to develop personal faith being raised in China. Because of this, he didn’t think about religion or religious ideas, commenting that the topics were never introduced to him. 

In 2011, Han went to an American boarding school in Boston, Massachusetts. The school was not religious, and the ethnic groups were isolated from the American students.  

While in Boston, Han received news that his father had a heart attack and passed away.  While trying to cope with the pain and sorrow, Han returned to China to be with his mother. The next school year Han and his mother decided he should go back to America, but to a different school.  Searching many different American schools, Han’s mother found Hillcrest and thought it would be a good fit for him.

Even though she is not a Christian, Han’s mom thought a faith-based environment would be comforting as he grieved the loss of his father. 

Now a senior, Han has learned the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Through his two years attending Hillcrest he understands the Gospel and God’s love, and has accepted it as truth.  

Han’s father’s passing still occupies his throughts. Han’s father was a generous and hardworking man who did many great things. In working through the void left by his father’s passing, Han finds prayer and discussion with his brothers in the dorm encouraging. Han shares that he has peace and answers despite facing uncertainty and hard times. 

Because of Han’s faith in God, he has grown to experience peace and comfort in Jesus Christ. Worrying about things occupied Han’s thinking before his time at Hillcrest, but now he has a focus on other people after finding purpose through faith in Christ. Han spends most of his time caring for his fellow Hillcrest students, especially those working to assimilate from other countries. 

Han is also ministering to his mother, notably by sending her a Bible last year in the mail. Han has had meaningful conversations with his mom following this act of love, finding his mother honestly serarching and testing the Scriptures. Han hopes that she will understand and come to know the Heavenly Father. 

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