Holzner and Konynenbelt Race to Sections

Kevy Konynenbelt is running towards a bright future while running away with new experiences. In her first year as a competitive runner, Konynenbelt traded in soccer cleats for distance spikes and has been training with coach and mentor Kim Draxten. The investment is paying off in spiritual growth, a developing friendship, and success on the course as noted by Kevy's progression in time this year. Kevy's regular season best is 19 minutes 11 seconds.

Hans is working to develop his character using running. A strong student known for intelligence, knowledge, a consistent work-ethic, Hans Holzner carries discipline to the course. His consistency with Hillcrest's resurrected cross-country program is paying dividends as he continues to move forward in the standings as he faces the Section meet next week. Hans won his most recent race with a time of 16 minutes 11 seconds.