Chargers Sweep Comets in 3

Hillcrest Head Coach Dessica Veum said, “I was very pleased with our effort the first set. I felt like overall we had the most consistency thus far into our season. Second set was just a mess of errors on our side. Third set was a better effort but not great. I know our girls are capable of great things and we have some amazing plays, trying to get the consistency overall is a real struggle right now. We will continue to work at making the adjustments as needed. Brandon Evansville is one of the top teams in our conference. I have nothing but respect for their program. Coach Kelly Olson invited us to join them for a shared camp experience this summer. It was a great cooperative effort and I really appreciated the investment that was given to the girls that went and all that I learned as a less experienced coach. We wish them the very best on their season!”

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