Students Learn More Than Spanish With Mr. Quam

Students learn more than Spanish with Mr. Quam. Walking past his classroom students are often greeted with an exuberant, "Hola!" As the bell for first period rings Spanish is launched into action and students prepare for a class that touches the heart.

Mr. Quam takes time for devotions in every class. The eight students seated in his first period class easily display their understanding of Spanish. They diligently follow along, interpreting the Gospel message presented to them from the devotional, given in Spanish. English is fluently spoken, for the first time, in a prayer to start class. Although devotional time is split between two languages, Mr. Quam ensures students comprehend and grasp meaning, pausing to explain complex terms given in Spanish with an English definition.

“When I have a small class, I like to use this method because they can learn so much faster.”

Following devotions, Mr. Quam presents flashcards of the vocabulary the students have been learning. The students giggle in anticipation as Mr. Quam switches to another approach. He presents a stuffed animal. This captures the students' full attention. Mr. Quam proceeds telling a story, entirely in Spanish, with accompanying actions and vocabulary. They laugh in understanding. "When I have a small class, I like to use this method because they can learn so much faster."

Taking advantage of the small class and classroom, Mr. Quam navigates personalities and strengths. The class receives information and engages in dialog throughout the class. Mr. Quam understands his students, and uses the classroom as an opportunity to build a relationship and give confidence to students.

After laughter dies down, Mr. Quam announces homework as the next order of business. Steering away from boredom, Mr. Quam keeps the students' attention with direction and steady conversation. Students willingly display their understanding and recite answers in Spanish as they're called on. No student raises their hand, being trained to be focused at all times , students are prepared with answers and participate willingly. 

Mr. Quam leads the class into a story after giving the homework assignments. He starts a discussion on the homework, drawing in a real-life application. He closes the discussion saying, "We're not all perfectly good. We need to repent of our sin." The truth of the Gospel follows, drawing a connection between sharing the Gospel and speaking Spanish. 

Nearing the end of the hour, Mr. Quam wraps up, interacting with his students before preparing for his next class. Teaching with a friendly a demeanor, Mr. Quam captures the essence of the Spanish class while also presenting Biblical themes.

HLA TodayKelly DzialoComment