Kari's Faith Formation is Tested in Her Senior Year

There are a few things one would see with a quick glance at Kari. An eighteen year old girl, from Fergus Falls, a senior; involved in soccer, softball and music. What people donít know, however, is that there is so much more to her than what is on the surface. 

We found out that it’s in his lungs, and it’s moving...They said it was terminal so we don’t really know how long he has left.

Kari was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and moved to Fergus Falls when she was four. She was homeschooled before attending Hillcrest her freshman year. Kari's friends know that she loves the  smell of oranges. Spending time with her will reveal her love for cats and appreciation for a good bowl of pasta and laughs around the dinner table.

Kari grew up attending Inspiration Point Bible Camp during summer breaks. She dedicated her life to Jesus at the age of six while attending the summer camp. Inspiration Point has also been a place where she experienced incredible faith formation. "I realized that I really had sinned--like, a lot." Spending time with her reveals her understanding of grace and sense of forgiveness found in Jesus Christ.

Recently, Kari's cheerful demeanor has been tested. Her dad is suffering from cancer. "We found out that it's in his lungs, and it's moving...They said it was terminal so we don't really know how long he has left." This has been a major struggle for Kari and her family. However, she says that God has helped her realize that even though her dad may not have long left on earth, she will be with him in heaven again.

Kari does not know for sure what she is going to do after she graduates from Hillcrest, but she has an interest in art and wants to focus on that. As she continues to walk the road of cancer with her family it is important for Kari to realize that her family at Hillcrest is here to support her, as many have watched her faith solidify during her years in Hillcrest's halls.