Youtube Channel Review: A Worldview Game-Changer

Youtube is more than just cats and Taylor Swift dancing in a tutu. In fact, it's more than Taylor Swift dancing in a tutu with cats. 

There are many educational channels that are fun. If a student is interested in hearing a subject explained by different teachers, many professionals upload podcasts. This can be helpful if you're a visual learner or looking for a new explanation or review of a subject, even subjects like Worldview I or Understanding the Times (UTT). 

A channel called the One Minute Apologist explores real world issues. Topics ranging from God's existence to what Scientology teaches are some of the channel's most popular uploads. In one minute segments the host, Bobby Conway, taps the minds of famous apologists and provides simple answers to very complex topics. 

The slogan that plays at the beginning of every video says, ìApologetics seeks to give credible answers to curious questions.î Conway interviews apologists, scientists, and professors in black and white on a simple set. At the end of some videos there are recommendations for books to do more study on the topic of the video.

These videos connect with the curriculum Hillcrest uses for Worldview classes, and are a resource to use for students who need insight on a topic, or research for a paper.