A Journey of Obedience calls Principal Isaac to Faith Formation

From Omaha, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado. Time in Los Angeles, California transitioned to Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The miles of travel reveal a journey of obedience for Principal Isaac.

Principal Isaac grew up with the influence of a Christian household. "I Believed in (Christianity) early on, but I wouldn't say I obeyed it until later." Throughout his journey from state to state, Principal Isaac encountered faith-forming difficulties.

His parents divorce caused a period of wandering during Mr. Isaac's high school and early college years. Coming to faith at the age of 23, Mr. Isaac's life changed dramatically as he received mentorship and redirected friendships to reflect his faith.

Mr. Isaac's early teaching career began at David Starr Jordan High School in Los Angeles, California. His faith began forming as Christ called him to make it known he was a Christian. 

...you were either Christian or not. I grew in my faith. I became more emboldened to share. I was brave, well I was afraid, but God gave courage.

When Principal Isaac taught at Jordan High School it was in one of the poorest counties in the country. The school was in the ninety-ninth percentile in teen pregnancies and offered daycare at the high school to encourage students to attend. Gang related activities at the school put Mr.Isaacs faith to the test. "It was divided, you were either Christian or not," states Principal Isaac. "I grew in my faith. I became more emboldened to share. I was brave, well I was afraid, but God gave courage." Principal Isaac found his education at Biola University helping him share his faith. 

Mr.Isaac transitioned to an assistant principal at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California. At the time Sunny Hills was in the top 100 best well-kept schools in the nation. "I thought it was heaven on Earth going from Jordan to Sunny Hills."

He experienced a rude awakening at Sunny Hills. Much like the human condition, he saw that what is in better condition on the outside isn't necessarily better on the inside. No matter the facility, the human condition of sin was still very real and testing as Mr.Isaac was in his first position as a chief disciplinarian. 

After continuous outreach from President Steve Brue, Mr. Isaac felt led to the position as Assistant Principal at Hillcrest Academy. Principal Isaac's gifting, and God's hand, enable a culmination of his education and path of obedience; using his Bible minor, and educational experience, in one job.