Albums That Make A Merry Christmas

Many Christmas albums bring celebration, but Page CXVI's Advent to Christmas is a walk through anticipation. The album can be summarized "to celebrate the holy birth of Israel's king." O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is particularly captivating. The tap of the tambourine makes for a great rhythm to move to while the lyrics anticipate the coming of the King of Peace. It invites you to rejoice in our Savior. Silent Night ends the album with a 20 second enchanting piano interlude setting up the proclamation, "Christ the Savior is born." The ultimate, praiseworthy good news of the Christmas season, "Christ the Savior is born." In preparation for Christmas, Advent to Christmas is a great album to contemplate the coming of the Savior.

Born Is the King by Hillsong opens with a 30 second procession of wind chimes and fast, light plucking delivering a soothing sound matching the sound of the 7 songs to come. With various artists on the album, anticipation builds for the next voice to to come. Dave Ware on O Holy Night surely shines. His full, unique voice resonates with the lyrics. Definitely a heartfelt Christmas album to put in a playlist to pull out every December.


Bing Crosby's White Christmas is the classic Christmas Eve album to play with the yule log burning in the background. Still popular today, while written in 1941, White Christmas is still reigning as the number selling single of all time. The 11 other classics on the album are equally as celebrated with It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Jingle Bells. Stories told through lyrics are complemented with drums and chimes of a holiday cheer. Crosby's album is the ever prominent Christmas classic.

Everyone can recognize Michael Buble's Christmas album. It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas opens the album with a whimsical interlude struck by Buble's deep resonating voice. Bubleís unique voice carries lyrics with style. The jazzy feel of Santa Claus is Coming to Town is another unforgettable track to keep bringing out year after year. The album brings life Christmas classicís with his undeniable charisma.