Aron Brings Family Focus to Hillcrest Friendships

Kjetil Aron Nielson's best friend's brother died, and it was the most memorable time of his life. Aron met daily with his friend helping him cope with the journey his friend's brother was walking. "We grew so close that summer, and I will never forget it."

The time Aron spent with his friend reveals a great deal about his character. Talking with Aron is very easy, and his humor and genuine love for life makes conversation fun and comfortable. It is easy to see that Aron has a supportive family, and he is quick to share his love and appreciation for Ellen, his sister, who attended Hillcrest a few years ago.

We grew so close that summer, and I will never forget it.

Aron spent much of his childhood playing guitar, engaging in outside activities in the summer, dreading homework, and spending time with friends. His talent in stomach rolling has helped him break the ice with his roommate, Nick Boe. Their strong friendship is evident. Nick has listened to Aron sleep talk using the English language and the two have shared their fears, Aron's is being burned. There is no doubt that Aron is building more incredible relationships at Hillcrest, and his friendship is what makes Hillcrest a great place to go to school and grow in an understanding of Jesus.