Lowell Quam: God's Faithful Agent

by Quincey Circo | Staff Reporter 

Few students have the opportunity to be taught by a man who has many similarities to the Apostle Paul. While Mr. Quam’s story isn’t an exact page out of Paul’s epistles, his experience did have a shaping effect to his view on life and his role in presenting Christ to the world. 

In northern Minnesota Mr Quam, a Spanish and bible teacher at Hillcrest, was born to two parents who passionately loved God. He was raised in a very conservative and strict home, and at a very young age he knew he wanted to do something great for God’s kingdom. 

Before entering grade school, Mr. Quam had interests in becoming a missionary. He took both a year of bible and a year of seminary before graduating high school. He proceeded with a degree in psychology after his time in college and worked as a carpenter for two years after graduating. It was during his carpentry years that he met his partner in ministry, and both were called to missions in Ecuador. 

Training was intense for Mr Quam and his wife, spending three months in Mexico for grueling language training. Their preparation in Spanish also included stints in Vermont learning how to teach English. 

The first few years of Mr. Quam’s missionary service included teaching at a large high school in Ecuador He taught both English and Bible courses opening doors for his mission work. 

Every fifth year Mr. Quam and his family would visit the United States to raise support for their mission and reconnect with family. The five year tradition was almost halted by Mr. Quam’s unsuspected run-in with the law. 

A tragic traffic accident called Ecuadorian police to investigate the scene. Mr. Quam was a driver and someone was injured. The sad tale left Mr. Quam, unable to pay the bribe asked for by police, with a tour of the inside of an Ecuadorian police car and an introduction to the local jail. Mr. Quam has seen the inside of a jail, but this time he was the criminal, not the visiting minister. 

After being in jail less than a week, Mr. Quam was released until his court date. Facing six months in jail time he had to make a tough decision. Rather than wait around and risk imprisonment in a court system that could be fickle he fled the country. He grabbed the first plane ticket to the United States. Commissioning his lawyer to resolve matters while he was stateside, Mr. Quam found solace on U.S. soil.

After a months of waiting Mr. Quam was safe to go travel to Ecuado to continue his missionary service. The legal scare caused concern for his family, but the story is now a hallmark of God’s grace and is an added piece to Mr. Quam’s life story of faithfulness.

After serving in Ecuador with his wife for 20 years, Mr. Quam moved with his family to Fergus Falls where he started teaching Spanish and Bible classes at Hillcrest. His tenure at the school has been punctuated with mission opportunities in Mexico. His role in missions at Hillcrest helps students understand how they can better communicate Christ through their understanding of foreign languages.

Teaching 7th and 8th grade introductory Spanish, college preparatory Spanish, and bible classes, Mr. Quam has influenced many hillcrest students over the years. Unlike most foreign language instructors, Mr. Quam uses his opportunity in teaching to incorporate the Bible into the Spanish curriculum. A level of preparation that will help students in college, and their future as they imitate their Spanish instructor, a special agent for God’s kingdom.

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